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The story of Sunset Foods

How Hexnode reduced costs and increased productivity for a small supermarket chain in Illinois.

With Michael Haberkamp, System admin and Engineer at Sunset Foods


Food production


Illinois, US



The world saw a rapid increase in digital processes during 2020, and one of the industries that had to adapt quickly was the grocery industry. Curbside pickup and online ordering became the norm that many companies weren’t prepared to implement. This case study shows how Hexnode helped Sunset Foods react to quick digitization by streamlining their endpoint management.


Sunset Foods, a family-operated supermarket chain, provides a small-town grocery store feel with competitive prices. They work out of five locations in Illinois, US and focus on supporting local farmers and producers in the Midwest. Since their founding in 1937, Sunset Foods has always innovated their processes and created a unique shopping experience for their customers.

Challenges Faced

Like many other supermarkets and food retailers in 2020, Sunset Foods saw a sudden growth in need for e-commerce during the pandemic. But rapid expansion of their online ordering system and streamlining their processing required a high number of mobile devices that had previously been manually managed and updated through an SOP. IT began receiving more tickets regarding device issues that diverted attention away from important tasks. Their devices (iPads and Android tablets) had no security measures and were only deployed to trusted managers prior to the expansion. Sunset Foods needed a system that allowed them to manage and secure company devices from one location.

Sunset Foods case study

Consideration of MDM Solutions

After experimenting with MDMs like Kandji, Miradore, and MobileIron, system admin and engineer Michael Haberkamp chose Hexnode. Hexnode could manage both Apple and Android devices in the same solution rather than in different ones. Haberkamp found the interface easy-to-learn in the demo and trial and was convinced after discovering Hexnode’s attractive and flexible price point.

Integration of Hexnode

The QR code-based enrollment enabled them to onboard devices easily into Hexnode. Haberkamp was most impressed with Hexnode’s device profiles feature that allowed him to apply previously chosen setting configurations to devices instantly. With device profiles, IT configured, updated, and managed devices instantly and remotely. The devices became true work devices with tight security in place.

Implementation and Results

Hexnode immediately had an effect on the several different processes at Sunset Foods. Haberkamp said his team saw around a 75% decrease in mobile device issue calls, which provided more time to focus on important projects and issues. Haberkamp felt confident in Hexnode’s device settings and security enforcement and could finally deploy endpoints to any type of employee – not just managers.

“[Hexnode] is a solid choice. For what you get, the price is very fair. If you take pride and ownership of your devices, then you’ll be happy with the options Hexnode can offer you. Take the time to create different device profiles and play around with the rules – they’re easy to learn and should cover mostly everything you need.”

Sunset foods case study with hexnode


Overall, by handling nearly all of Sunset Foods’ endpoint management Hexnode tangibly increased productivity, saved time, and reduced unnecessary costs.