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The story of Allegheny Beverage Co.

Advanced lockdown mechanism from Hexnode proving beneficial for enhanced productivity and device security

With Drake Howell | Technology Coordinator at Allegheny Beverage Co.


“We looked around a little bit...looked at Hexnode and a couple of other ones and we liked it...we still like it.”


Food & Beverages


Pennsylvania, US


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The story

Allegheny Beverage Co. is a well-known beverage distributor headquartered in Pennsylvania, United States. Founded in the year 2019, the company widely services across 13 counties in the Northwestern Pennsylvania. The company provides about 250 variety of beers of varied flavors and styles. They take pride in serving their customers with the best quality beers, combining their passion and expertise to bring out the best possible results.

The marketing wing at the Allegheny Beverage Co. includes a sales team that deals with the customers, initiating orders and customer responses. The company owns about 46 vehicles that are used for beer delivery across the state. In order to ensure timely delivery and efficient services, the team thought of deploying iPads to their employees. These iPads were used by different teams for different purposes. The sales team made use of the iPads to take customer orders through a custom application. The drivers are also provided with iPads to generate invoices and make enable easy payment. Apart from these, the iPads also serve as an inventory that showcases company records and important information.

Introducing iPads turned out to be an excellent decision as it eased out work to a great extent. However, it had its bitter effects too. Setting up iPads and controlling them remotely eventually became a nightmare for the administrative team at Allegheny. They had to individually install the applications on to multiple devices which took a lot of their productive time. Meanwhile, updating the app added on to their effort. Drake Howell, the Technology Coordinator at Allegheny Beverage Co., thought of trying out an MDM solution to ease out device management. He looked for a number of MDM software but none other than Hexnode completely satisfied his use cases.

“We looked around a little bit...looked at Hexnode and a couple of other ones and we liked it...we still like it.”

Drake Howell

Technology Coordinator at Allegheny Beverage Co.

Allegheny Beverage Co. case study
Hexnode case study Allegheny Beverage Co.

Drake signed up for the free trial offered by Hexnode. The initial implementation process went excellently well which helped him make the final decision to opt Hexnode. He could easily set up the iPads without any assistance and the simple interface helped him effortlessly navigate through the rich feature set. Drake found the solution to all his requirements in a single place, that too at a reasonable price range. The varied pricing tiers exhibited every aspect of Hexnode functionalities based on the specific requirements of the customers which made pricing decision even more easy.

Drake used the Hexnode kiosk solution to lock the iPads to their custom application so the drivers couldn’t use other applications during work hours. The Hexnode kiosk lockdown solution enables the devices to be locked to a single or multiple application as per the requirement. The devices locked in kiosk mode displays only the app’s interface, blocking access to all other functionalities. No other applications could be installed on to the devices when in kiosk mode. Only the admin could unlock the devices whenever needed with a kiosk exit password thus ensuring device security.

The ability to install apps to multiple devices at once is Drake’s favorite feature. Drake finds it extremely helpful and time-saving. He could easily push the required applications to the devices at any time without having the devices in hand. Updating the apps to the latest version was also possible via the Hexnode console which added on to their usability.

“I like the feature that we can push the apps all at once...To be able to remotely manage the devices is very good...”

Drake Howell

Technology Coordinator at Allegheny Beverage Co.

Allegheny Beverage Co. case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Allegheny Beverage Co.

Drake was extremely happy and contended with Hexnode’s rich functionalities and easy implementation process. Hexnode was able to fulfill all his requirements at a reasonable price range which was an absolute bonus for the team. The user-friendly interface helped the team to navigate through the console and get what they desired for in no time. Being able to manage and control from a single interface helped them reduce their expenses and increase productivity. Above all, an all-time active technical support team with their vibrant presence helped Drake with every concern put forward without any delay. Easy implementation and quick set up saved much of their productive time and reduce the effort to a great extent.

“Your tech support was extremely helpful so that was the deciding factor.”

Drake Howell

Technology Coordinator at Allegheny Beverage Co.

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped the team at Allegheny Beverage Co. to ease out their daily work process and centrally manage the iPads used for corporate activities. They were able to save a lot of productive time and money by implementing Hexnode. They could easily lockdown the iPads to Hexnode kiosk mode to ensure that the iPads are only utilized for work purposes. With the centralized app management functionality, they could distribute their custom application on to multiple devices and update them to the latest version without spending much of their productive hours. The overall engagement with Hexnode turned out to be a beneficial deal for the company and they surely consider recommending the software to their fellow corporates.