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The story of Saladexpress

Securely locking down Android tablets to ensure 100% safety with Hexnode

With Sébastien Robert, System and Network Administrator at Saladexpress


“To be honest I'm planning to conserve Hexnode UEM as long as possible.”


Food Production


Québec, Canada


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The story

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Québec, Canada, Saladexpress is a food production company that provides consumers with high quality, pre-sliced salads and vegetables. The company promotes local vegetables by packing it as fresh/pre-cooked or in a ready to cook/serve state with different combinations of tasty and healthy ingredients. The company products are stored and delivered in recyclable packages that ensure optimal freshness.

Saladexpress has multiple branches across the world serving good quality food. The company uses Android tablets that are mounted on the walls for displaying menu, food related offers and the company logo. Sébastien Robert, the System and Network Administrator at Saladexpress, wanted to lock these tablets in a way that only the food menu was displayed. He started searching for a suitable solution for the company to manage these devices in an efficient manner. Sébastien also didn’t want the solution to be insecure and show problems once it was up and running. After a market research on the available MDM solutions, he shortlisted three products and eventually decided to go ahead with Hexnode for its transparency and reasonable price range.

“For SMB, all the features you are offering is interesting...Hexnode is a charm for SMBs, it's perfect.”

Sébastien Robert

System and Network Administrator at Saladexpress

Saladexpress case study
Hexnode case study Saladexpress

Hexnode’s Android kiosk mode helped Sébastien lock the tablets down to only the necessary food menu. The customers could walk right in and have a look at the menu with available food items easily. The display couldn’t be tampered and changed in any way. Since the kiosk mode couldn’t be disabled by the staff or customers, the tablets were used only for the intended purpose. It also enhanced the end-user experience greatly.

“It was pleasant and super easy to get support...Adding new licences are just super easy.”

Sébastien Robert

System and Network Administrator at Saladexpress

Saladexpress case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Saladexpress

Hexnode’s deployment process turned out to be very easy as well. Sébastien did the implementation by himself as the product was easy to understand and the whole device fleet could be effortlessly controlled from a single console. Hexnode’s support team was always present to provide quick responses to his queries even via chat. Whenever called upon, there was always someone to help him and find solutions which made Sébastien extremely satisfied with the product.

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped Saladexpress impose complete restriction over unauthorized websites and applications on the Android devices used as display kiosks mounted on the walls. The devices were used for the intended purpose with no complications and it greatly improved the user experience. Hexnode’s support was one of the key reasons to choose the solution as they took Sébastien through each and every step from scratch for implementing and running the product smoothly till date.