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The story of Sherman Mechanical

Optimizing day-to-day work with simple and viable endpoint management solution from Hexnode

With Ryan Kerrigan | President at Sherman Mechanical


“Your system is user-friendly from a non-tech person's standpoint.”




Cary, Illinois


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The story

Sherman Mechanical, Inc. is a leading full-service mechanical contractor situated in Cary, Illinois. Established in 1885, the company offers sales, installation, maintenance and repair services for all kinds of plumbing, piping, engineering, and air-conditioning assistance. Equipped with the finest bunch of craftsmen and artisans, the organization supplies quality resources with maximum efficiency, minimum scrap, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service, all these at a reasonable and affordable pricing. Accomplishing the engineering needs of its industrial, commercial, and residential customers from scratch has always been the prime concern of the company.

Sherman Mechanical employs a wide range of skilled craftsman who form an integral part of the company’s workforce. The service department of the company deals with customer queries and provides the required fixes to their concerns. This department makes use of around 15-20 iPads that possess only essential work applications that helps the team with smooth customer interaction. Each of these iPads are configured with a single Apple ID which in the course of time created a lot of chaos. The team could eventually oversee the personal emails of other teammates which disrupted the process. Ryan Kerrigan, the President at Sherman Mechanical, felt the need for a solution that could collectively solve all the mess.

Hexnode became the perfect solution for all of Ryan’s difficulties. Ryan could easily manage and control multiple iPads centrally from a single console in considerably less span of time. He could also push the work apps to the devices all at once. With due concern to security and privacy of the devices, Ryan could now supply the iPads to his team with no fear of data piracy. Remote device management with Hexnode eased the complexity faced by Ryan to a greater extent. The very thing that attracted Ryan the most was that he could receive all the fixes at a fairly reasonable price range.

“Your solution is within my budget; it isn't really expensive.”

Ryan Kerrigan

President at Sherman Mechanical

case study Sherman Mechanical
Sherman Mechanical case study

Hexnode’s seamless app management solution allows the admin to easily install essential applications to multiple devices all from a single console. Hexnode together with Apple Business Manager provides a multitude of services to the clients. Purchasing apps via Apple’s Volume Purchase Program (VPP) enables silent app installation on to the devices with zero user involvement. With device group functionality, the applications could be collectively pushed to the iPads at once thereby saving a lot of productive hours.

“I could easily push the apps to the iPads.”

Ryan Kerrigan

President at Sherman Mechanical

Sherman Mechanical case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Sherman Mechanical

With Hexnode, Ryan did experience a number of benefits. Prior to Hexnode, setting up devices individually took a considerably large amount of time and energy which at times turned out to be a pain in the neck. Soon after adopting Hexnode, he could observe a lot of improvements in productivity. Managing and controlling the iPads now turned out to be a breeze with Hexnode.

The constant technical support offered by Hexnode through chats, calls and emails greatly impressed Ryan. He always received timely response for all his queries which helped him improve things in a better way. Being a non-tech person, Ryan initially faced some issues in setting up the iPads, but the steady involvement of the tech support team solved his difficulties. Easy implementation and excellent customer support were the prime highlights Ryan could specifically mention for Hexnode.

“For Hexnode, you guys' customer support is awesome. Checkout Hexnode, it’s a good service, works perfect for us.”

Ryan Kerrigan

President at Sherman Mechanical

In a nutshell

Ryan had a wonderful experience with Hexnode. He could easily manage and configure the iPads with no fear of data loss or encroachment. With Hexnode, he could configure the iPads remotely which saved a lot of business time. Managing the iPads solely was no longer a hectic task for Ryan, and he could now carry it off well and smooth. Ryan’s engagement with Hexnode proved to be profitable for the company and he indeed happily recommends the software to other corporates.