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The story of CHL Systems

Controlling production automation with the help of Hexnode’s secured endpoint management platform

With Anthony Lewis | System Administrator at CHL Systems



“...Concerning the introductory price point, Hexnode UEM solution is a no-brainer”


Industrial Automation


Souderton, PA


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The story

CHL Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturing organization, founded by Clayton H. Landis. The company offers custom solutions to help automate the production process of client organizations. The industries served by CHL Systems include snack foods & confectionery, food processing and packaging, meat handling and packaging, pharmaceutical, steel, energy, and general manufacturing industries. CHL Systems follows a practical and cost-effective approach in integrating the most advanced technology and services to the field of production automation. The organization maintains healthy customer relationships by providing top quality products, and production solutions, thereby meeting client expectations successfully.

CHL Systems consists of a set of a profoundly skilled and experienced workforce. Around sixty percent of the employees work inside the company building, while the rest of them works in the field. They are equipped with iOS devices to enhance business productivity by enabling secure web browsers within the organization and simplifying all workplace operations. Anthony Lewis, the System Administrator at CHL Systems, found it troublesome to manage the devices manually, and this realization made him want to choose an MDM solution. With Hexnode, he could control and manage the iOS devices entering the company, by enforcing corporate restriction policies and setting up the device, app, as well as network configurations.

“...The users no longer have to bring me the phone for every issue. With Hexnode, I could interact with their devices, check on the resources, and manage these kinds of things remotely.”

Anthony Lewis

System Administrator at CHL Systems

chl systems case study

Apart from the email, Wi-Fi, and other configurations, Anthony used Hexnode to push store apps to the devices. The iOS app management solution from Hexode helped him manage and secure app data seamlessly. He could enforce silent app installation to push apps to the Supervised iOS devices without any user intervention. Anthony could blacklist/whitelist apps using Hexnode. Blacklisting disables the functioning of apps while whitelisting blocks the operation of all other apps except the whitelisted ones. With Hexnode, he could set up mandatory apps to ensure that all essential apps have been installed on the device. Additionally, he could remotely update apps on the devices, specify the in-app configurations, allow the users to remove apps from the devices or set the apps to be removed automatically upon device disenrollment, and much more. Moreover, Hexnode helped Anthony to secure the devices by ensuring the existence of a strong passcode, and a whole lot of other device settings.

“...Concerning the introductory price point, Hexnode UEM solution is a no-brainer”

Anthony Lewis

System Administrator at CHL Systems

chl systems case study with hexnode
hexnode case study on chl systems

The low introductory pricing was the principal factor that led Anthony to move towards Hexnode from various other leading MDM vendors in the market. With Hexnode, he could set up and configure the iOS devices in the organization with much less effort. Anthony found the implementation process of Hexnode to be much more straightforward than the other MDM solutions, and thus he could complete the initial device setup and further configurations without the aid of a second person.

“The best benefit with Hexnode is that you pretty much get everything that you get with any of the big players... and you need not spend much to get introduced into the software.”

Anthony Lewis

System Administrator at CHL Systems

In a nutshell

After executing Hexnode within the organization, Anthony could track substantial improvement in business productivity. Before the MDM implementation, he had to administer every device issue manually, that consumed a lot of time and effort. The problems were mostly dealt with email, and Wi-Fi configurations. However, the intervention of Hexnode simplified device management at CHL Systems, with its ability to track and control the iOS devices remotely. With Hexnode, Anthony could pretty much get all the basic and advanced MDM capabilities that he gets with any other leading MDM providers, without costing a fortune.