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The story of NutraChamps

On experiencing remote app distribution and accurate device locating with Hexnode

With Wayne Bach, IT Business Administrator at NutraChamps


“To be honest, I found Hexnode interface reasonably intuitive and when I was looking for the process of enrolling these devices into Hexnode, I found it very easy to follow the help documentation.”


Health, Wellness & Fitness


Toronto, Canada


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The story

Located in Toronto, NutraChamps is a nutritional supplement company committed to helping people achieve optimal health, wellness and longevity. The company manufactures premium quality supplements using safe and naturally sourced ingredients. NutraChamps provide nutritional products to help with energy, stress, digestion, heart health, weight management, etc. The company believes there is always a way to improve health by integrating nutritional science.

The company operates several retail pharmacies across Ontario. The partners selling the products were distributed iPads for managing medical prescription records, purchase history, registration, medical status, etc of the patients. The registration of the patients with the help of corporate iPads is associated with the nearest pharmacy store available to their physical location. The patients could connect the doctors remotely whenever necessary for the required prescriptions. The products could be delivered or picked up from the pharmacy.

“Hexnode UEM has been good. It's been very reliable...Things are going very smoothly”

With Wayne Bach

IT Business Administrator at NutraChamps

NutraChamps case study
NutraChamps case study with Hexnode

Wayne Bach, the IT Business Administrator at NutraChamps, wanted to remotely control and manage all the iPads deployed to the partners. He wanted to make sure it was used only for the intended purposes. After some research on the available MDMs and reference from partners, he decided to go forward and try Hexnode as it showcased superb ratings. The trial version offered by Hexnode convinced Wayne to purchase and manage all the iPads with no complications.

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped Wayne lock down the iPads to only the essential applications. It ensured that the devices are used only for the intended purposes and aren’t misused. The solution enabled him to remotely control the devices easily without any worries. Infact, Hexnode offered the best lockdown mode for iPads having specific set of restrictions and provided additional security features.

“I certainly would be inclined to recommend Hexnode. You are a very comprehensive solution.”

With Wayne Bach

IT Business Administrator at NutraChamps

Hexnode case study on NutraChamps
Hexnode case study NutraChamps

The solution enabled Wayne to remotely push and update apps on the iPads easily. He could control and manage all the apps from a single console which saved a lot of time. The apps were installed by uploading the IPA file of the company app in Hexnode portal and distributed onto the devices remotely. Hexnode provided an accurate location tracking service along with a detailed location history report that is available for download. The location of the iPads could be fetched instantly, as well as periodically. He was able to get the correct location details and reports of all the devices without fail.

“In the grand scheme of things, I found Hexnode to be very functional and support responded when I asked for helping out.”

With Wayne Bach

IT Business Administrator at NutraChamps

With Hexnode, Wayne saved significant amount of time in deploying apps to the iPads. An important factor that caught the eye was the quick responses he received from the support team for all the questions put forward. Moreover, Wayne found the help documentations very helpful for enrolling devices and getting started with Hexnode.

In a nutshell

NutraChamps implemented Hexnode for locking down the iPads to only work-related apps. The apps were pushed remotely to all the iPads from a single console. The location tracking feature along with the brilliant management functionalities was a great bonus from Hexnode. Moreover, Wayne was totally impressed with the vibrant technical support he received whenever he required any sort of help.