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The story of Evollu

On providing top-notch auditory screening services with the help of Hexnode UEM

With Luis Marcelino | CTO at Evollu


“Hexnode UEM offered a flawless kiosk solution... The other lockdown solutions failed to meet our expectations”


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The story

Evollu is a leading manufacturer of hearing care solutions that offer an extensive range of services to enrich the hearing experiences of people. They work with the motive to improve the sensory functionality of individuals through smart connected solutions, algorithms, and devices.

Luis Marcelino, CTO at Evollu and his team, distributes Samsung and Lenovo smartphones to their customers for performing hearing examinations. Evollu maintains an in-house application that offers free hearing tests, thereby helping people to discover their hearing profile. Understanding the business risks in leaving the devices unmanaged, Luis began searching for an alternative to control the Android devices distributed to the customers and ended up choosing Hexnode.

“...Hexnode proved to be the right choice from the very beginning”

Luis Marcelino

CTO at Evollu

Evollu case study with Hexnode

With the combination of Hexnode UEM and Google’s Android Enterprise, Luis and his team were able to onboard the devices in bulk without the need for configuring each device manually. With Android Enterprise containerization, they separated work apps and data from personal apps and data on the devices while ensuring the security of their confidential corporate content. Moreover, the UEM helped them to disable users from adjusting the volume on the devices. Luis finds this feature to be quite valuable as they did not have a chance to set volume restriction before the implementation of Hexnode.

“Hexnode UEM offered a flawless kiosk solution... The other lockdown solutions failed to meet our expectations”

Luis Marcelino

CTO at Evollu

Hexnode case study on Evollu

Hexnode allowed Luis to distribute and update their enterprise application over-the-air. On Samsung Knox devices, they were able to push the apps without any user interaction. The kiosk lockdown solution from Hexnode enabled Luis to simplify the deployment and management of single-purpose devices. He was also able to set up various device configurations such as restricting the camera, GPS settings, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more.

“Hexnode is always on top of my considerations... I’d surely recommend it to others”

Luis Marcelino

CTO at Evollu

In a nutshell

Evollu distributes Android devices, containing an enterprise application to their customers for performing a basic hearing examination. Hexnode UEM enabled Luis and the team to monitor and control the devices efficiently while streamlining their business workflows. With the availability of robust lockdown solution, app management, and seamless remote management actions, Hexnode UEM enabled them to fulfill all their needs under one umbrella.