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The story of Intale

On imposing restrictive approach to device usage with Hexnode Kiosk

With Orestis Tzanetis | Founder and COO at Intale


“It was very useful and it fulfilled our requirements was exactly what we needed.”


Information Technology and Services


Athens, Greece


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The story

Intale is an IT company headquartered at Athens, Greece that produces solutions to digitize and connect independent convenience retailers. Since its launch it 2010, the company has helped more than 1000 convenience stores to digitize the way they work.Their in-house solution, Intale Point, helps hundreds of retailers to manage and controltheir store’s till, shifts, warehouse, suppliers, and customer records. With this solution, the retailers can smartly control reports and data, manage stock, keep track of customer and employee records, and build a strong product database.

In the course of digitizing the business and enhancing sale, the company went forward with distributing Android devices to their dedicated customers. These devices were equipped with their custom application. To ensure utmost security and purpose-specific usage of the devices, the managing team at Intale thought of using an MDM solution. Orestis Tzanetis, the Founder and COO at Intale took charge of finding the best possible solution for the company. After a thorough research over the internet and some product comparisons, Orestis decided to try out Hexnode. He quickly signed up for the free trial and soon after the trial, he was convinced that Hexnode was the perfect requirement for their use case.

Orestis wanted something that could lock the devices so the users could not make any unwanted updates on the devices and use them as such. Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution solved this major concern. Locking the devices in Hexnode kiosk mode builds a restricted environment that allows the users to access only the applications and settings configured by the admin. The devices can be locked in either single (one app) or multi-app (more than one app) kiosk mode. The admin can also configure advanced device settings to be accessible in kiosk mode. Only the admin, with the help of a kiosk exit password, could unlock the devices for normal usage. This ensured device security and cost benefits.

“It was very useful and it fulfilled our requirements was exactly what we needed.”

Orestis Tzanetis

Founder and COO at Intale

Intale case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study with Intale

With Hexnode onboard, the team could selectively control the devices and operate them with only the essential applications and functionalities. They could directly push the applications on the devices from the Hexnode console without having the devices in hand and block unwanted app installations. They could remotely monitor the devices and keep track of the device’s whereabouts. Orestis was no longer worried about the device’s being misused or mishandled.

Hexnode’s simple and user-friendly interface became an add-on to its excellence. Orestis could easily onboard the devices and configure the necessary policies without spending much of his productive hours. With the help of Hexnode, he could remotely keep an eye on the devices and prevent unwanted manipulations. He was greatly impressed with the timely responses from the technical support team for every query raised, be it through chat or direct call. Orestis finds Hexnode to be the best choice for his company.

Hexnode case study on Intale
Intale case study on Hexnode

In a nutshell

Hexnode provided Orestis the perfect solution to lock the corporate devices so they could be utilized for the intended purpose. Locking the devices in Hexnode kiosk mode helped him ensure device security and prevent unwanted app installations. He could remotely keep a check on the devices and install essential applications directly from the Hexnode portal. Configuring Hexnode helped him save incalculable amount of implementation time. The company also saved considerable amount of money in terms of device maintenance and services. Associating with Hexnode had a great impact on the team at Intale and they happily agree to expand their scope of usage in the days to come.