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The story of IDOOH

Implementing affordable advertising with tablet based digital signages in taxi cars

With Jan Mari Panol and Lai Shun | IT at IDOOH


“User-friendly interface and excellent tech service/support.”


Information Technology and Services




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The story

IDOOH- Interactive Digital OOH (Out-of-Home) media platform is APAC’s largest network of in-vehicle screens in taxis and ride-sharing cars. They enable the clients to connect with the commuters through their highly economical digital screens mounted in these rides. Through the screens, they display relevant content to the passengers to augment their travel experience. The digital signage technology benefits the brand owners as they gain campaigns and consumer insights through their big data analytics. The in-vehicle screen technology modernizes the outlook of future advertising and transport landscape.

IDOOH employs thousands of Android tablets that run specific application. These devices are used by the consumers on the fields. An application runs on the foreground displaying ads to the travelers. This way the company carries out media advertising through their in-vehicle screen technology and big data analytics.

Managing thousands of devices at a stretch posed a lot of trouble for the team. A lot of productive time was wasted behind uniformly controlling all the devices. The team also faced severe challenges in remotely managing the app functionalities. All this fuss brought the team to Hexnode which rightly addressed their requirements.

With Hexnode, Jan and Lai Shun, the IT team at IDOOH, could accomplish all their primary requirements. Hexnode’s single app kiosk mode helped the team to lock the Android tablets to a single application. Kiosk lockdown solution sets up a restrictive mode on the device wherein the device gets configured to work in a purpose-specific mode. The single app kiosk mode locks the device to a single application that solely runs on the device. The users are then forbidden from accessing any other application.

“In order to make the app work effectively, it must keep running in the foreground to interact with the user via the screen...”

Jan Mari Panol and Lia Shun


idooh case study

Besides kiosk lockdown solution, the app management feature from Hexnode greatly benefitted the team. Installing the application on thousands of tablets was a time-consuming task. This was simplified by Hexnode. Hexnode allowed the team to readily install the application on the devices without manual intervention. The silent app installation feature allows the admin to push the applications on to the device via the MDM console. The app gets installed on the device without the need to manually initiate installation. Hexnode also enabled the admin to remotely update the application to the latest version. The overall app management functionality indeed saved much of the productive time.

“Saving us the time installing application manually on a single tablet.”

Jan Mari Panol and Lia Shun


idooh case study with hexnode
hexnode case study on idooh

One of the other major features that caught the team’s attention was app blacklist/ whitelist. With this feature, the admin could selectively block/ grant access to useful applications. This allows only the whitelisted applications to run on the device. Any attempt to install or update a blacklisted app would turn the device non-compliant. The remote view feature was yet another feather in the crown. The admin could remotely view the devices and selectively perform desired functionality.

The association with Hexnode greatly benefitted the team and had a great impact on the overall management process. The team could easily manage thousands of Android tablets in considerably less time. They could remotely initiate app installation on the devices which saved a lot of their productive hours. Implementing kiosk mode on the devices also proved to be beneficial. The prompt technical support from Hexnode indeed added on to the excellence. The team received timely response to every query raised and this readily helped them sort things quickly. Hexnode eventually turned out to be the right choice for the team.

“...Excellent tech service/support.”

Jan Mari Panol and Lia Shun


In a nutshell

Jan and Lai along with rest of the IT team had a great experience with Hexnode. The centralized management console and remote functionalities saved much of the productive time and made implementation more concise and sorted. The team could forbid device settings of their choice and pull off required actions effortlessly. The excellent customer support became an add-on for them to move forward with Hexnode and the team happily continues to utilize the software.