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The story of Glenbeigh Records Management

On eliminating security concerns with 100% accurate location tracking from Hexnode

With Mohammad Omar Sayed Rsass, IT Manager at Glenbeigh Records Management


“Live tracking of devices was the primary thing which I was looking for and wasn't available on most of the MDMs, but Hexnode provided it.”


IT & Services


Dublin, Europe


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The story

Founded in 2003, Glenbeigh Records Management (GRM) specializes in offering comprehensive range of records management and digitisation services. GRM’s services enable organizations to protect information, comply with regulatory requirements, realize operational efficiencies, and provide better customer service to their clients. The company employs over 200 people serving around 700 clients from highly secure state-of-the-art facilities. The clients range from small businesses to large organizations in private sectors which include healthcare, financial investments, insurance, legal, telecommunications, manufacturing, construction as well as government bodies within public sector.

The company stores vital information and contracts of the clients as hardcopy in warehouses that are monitored 24x7 with surveillance cameras and guarded by securities. The records management system includes shifting confidential documents to different locations from these warehouses by road. The company deployed Android and Apple devices to their employees who often travel in the vehicles to deliver confidential documents. Eventually, the management team conducted a risk assessment on the control over all the deployed devices and a solution was required to manage the device fleet without any security concerns.

“Hexnode helped achieve complete protection on these devices without any concern on if the device is lost, stolen or anything. I can be assured that the data will be protected.”

Mohammad Omar Sayed Rsass

IT Manager at Glenbeigh Records Management

Glenbeigh Records Management case study
Hexnode case study Glenbeigh Records Management

Mohammad Omar Sayed Rsass, the IT Manager at Glenbeigh Records Management, wanted to monitor the devices frequently. He started looking for a comprehensive solution which gives control over all the devices and supports multiple OS platforms. After making a list of features required by the company, he shortlisted a few MDM solutions. Hexnode turned out to be the perfect solution amongst the lot that satisfied all their requirements.

“I found Hexnode very simple, easy to use and it was very straight forward to set up.”

Mohammad Omar Sayed Rsass

IT Manager at Glenbeigh Records Management

The company uses handheld scanning devices and they were locked down solely for this purpose. Hexnode’s kiosk solution made it possible by restricting all the unauthorized applications from the devices. It also prevents users from exiting the lockdown mode, leaving no room for users to change the enforced settings. Infact, Hexnode supported multiple OS platforms in various devices such as mobiles, computers etc.

Live location tracking was another standout feature offered by Hexnode. Omar could track the live location of the drivers and make sure that the confidential documents are safely reaching the destination. Most of the MDM providers didn’t offer live tracking. He could broadcast messages on the devices from the Hexnode portal in case if any delay in document delivery was reported. Periodic reports on the locations could be automatically sent via email and even the location history could be gathered effortlessly.

“I got all support required from your team. They were very friendly and I could get everything I want from them. The help documents as well helped me a lot to configure kiosk mode on iOS and Android devices.”

Mohammad Omar Sayed Rsass

IT Manager at Glenbeigh Records Management

Glenbeigh Records Management case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Glenbeigh Records Management

Prior to using Hexnode, the company had to place their devices inside the company due to security concerns. The tides turned when Hexnode’s secure solution enabled Omar to deploy the devices outside the office premises safely and offered full-time device monitoring. Hexnode not only helped them to manage the devices in an efficient way but also the deployment process was very easy. Omar did the implementation by himself as the product was easy to understand. Encryption of devices could be configured remotely. The control of the whole device fleet from a single console improved productivity. Hexnode’s support team gave a prompt and efficient response to his queries.

In a nutshell

Glenbeigh Records Management successfully implemented Hexnode for controlling and monitoring multiple devices effortlessly. Prior to using Hexnode, manually managing all the devices was a very tedious task. Hexnode turned out to be a useful and feasible solution. The solution helped achieve complete protection on the deployed devices with no security issues. Omar witnessed substantial increase in productivity and efficient management of devices were achieved.