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The story of Ecospill

A stunning rise in productivity with Hexnode onboard helped Ecospill flourish in the corporate ecosystem

With Melissa Goff | Marketing Manager at Ecospill


“It has been a good experience because it helps us to remotely manage the devices.”


Environmental Services




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The story

Ecospill is a leading supplier of spill control and environmental safety equipment worldwide. Originating from the heart of Australia, they specialize in offering spill kits and quality products to their consumers in addition to delivering essential training guides. Their primary products include spill kits, absorbents, drum pallets, floor bunding, flammable safety cabinets, drain seals and filters, and much more. The company has productively expanded over the course of time with branches in Brisbane and Perth.

The company deploys Apple devices for smooth business processing and easy management. These devices are used by the employees operating from both the company locations. Hence, they needed a solution that could securely control and operate the devices across multiple locations. Melissa Goff, the Marketing Manager at Ecospill, looked out for a suitable solution for device management over the internet. After a constant research, she was assured that a mobile device management (MDM) solution was the perfect alternative for her requirements.

Melissa tried out a different MDM software in the beginning. She later on realized that it wasn’t the apt solution for her requirements as it lacked some of the primary features Melissa was looking for in an MDM software. She was then guided towards Hexnode via Google and also through a mere recommendation. An initial comparison of the product and a basic understanding of the pricing tiers convinced Melissa to go forward with Hexnode. Melissa signed up for the free trial and later on decided to purchase it.

The easy setup and implementation of Apple devices on the Hexnode console greatly impressed Melissa. She could easily migrate the devices to Hexnode without investing much of her productive time. Prior to using Hexnode, device management was a hefty task to accomplish. The team was greatly concerned about the device security but with Hexnode, this was no longer a matter of concern.

“This has been great because it has really helped us to have central management over them and just ensure that the devices are protected.”

Melissa Goff

Marketing Manager at Ecospill

Ecospill case study
Hexnode case study Ecospill

The location tracking functionality offered by Hexnode was one of the primary reasons that greatly influenced the purchase decision. Hexnode offered location tracking for Apple devices at a much reasonable price range which greatly impressed the team at Ecospill. The other MDM they tried lacked this functionality while an alternative did support location tracking but at a high price point which was not preferable for the team. Hence, Hexnode rightly proved to be the best option for Ecospill in all respects.

“Hexnode had everything that we needed...You guys are actually really good at helping to remotely troubleshoot and solve problems.”

Melissa Goff

Marketing Manager at Ecospill

Ecospill case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Ecospill

Hexnode’s centralized Apple device management solution greatly helped the team to remotely control and track the devices ensuring utmost security especially in cases when the devices got misplaced or lost. The fact that Hexnode supports multiple operating systems became an additional highlight as the company incorporates Windows devices as well and considers implementing Hexnode on them in the long run.

Melissa highly appreciates the effort put forward by the Hexnode technical support team in addressing the customer queries with their timely responses. She received answers to all her queries whenever needed without any delay. She found the Hexnode knowledge base even more helpful as it clearly explains every aspect of the implementation at a glance. Melissa finds Hexnode to be the perfect option for her company and assures to continue using the software for her future ventures.

“The level of support that you guys give is huge especially the chat support and then the follow-up emails and calls are brilliant.”

Melissa Goff

Marketing Manager at Ecospill

In a nutshell

Melissa had a wonderful experience with Hexnode. She found the solution to all her requirements in a single solution, at a calculated price range, which greatly impressed the team. With Hexnode onboard, she could remotely keep track of the devices spread across multiple locations which in turn improved business productivity and saved much of her productive time. Hexnode’s stellar technical support team constantly backed her with every query answered without any delay. Hexnode became her perfect choice for device management and she surely agrees to recommend Hexnode to her fellow associates in need for a device management solution for their business.