The story of Waste Eliminator, Inc.

Replacing document-intensive business processes by deploying in-house apps with Hexnode

With Raymond Dickey | Accountant/Office Manager at Waste Eliminator, Inc.


“Hexnode UEM was pretty simple to figure out and use... Other MDMs that we’ve tested were really difficult.”


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The story

Waste Eliminator is a customer-focused roll-off container service provider in the Atlanta metropolitan area, offering efficient, timely, and affordable dumpster and recycling solutions. Their professional team offers personalized services to the customers and works collaboratively towards achieving company goals. Waste Eliminator runs an environmentally conscious business by employing their own material recovery systems to recycle and reuse every possible item that goes in their dumpsters.

To run and manage the business effectively, Raymond Dickey, Accountant/Office Manager at Waste Eliminator, decided to purchase some Android tablets. The devices were distributed to the truck drivers to maintain a log of their day-to-day activities. The need for a way to remotely manage these devices made Raymond look for a suitable Mobile Device Management suite. The hassle-free implementation and straightforward user interface made him choose Hexnode over the other MDMs.

“Hexnode UEM was very easy to figure out and use... Other MDMs that we’ve tested were really difficult.”

Raymond Dickey

Accountant/Office Manager at Waste Eliminator

Waste Eliminator case study

Hexnode UEM enabled Raymond to configure and roll out the devices across the organization quickly. By associating various policies to the target devices, he was able to get maximum visibility and control over the devices. Hexnode remote view allowed Raymond to remotely view, monitor, and control the devices in real-time. The feature helped him identify and resolve the issues raised by the users in real-time. By setting up remote view on the enrolled devices, he was able to control them using a mouse and virtual keyboard.

“...Hexnode UEM has reduced our workload to a great extent”

Raymond Dickey

Accountant/Office Manager at Waste Eliminator

Waste Eliminator case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Waste Eliminator

With the implementation of Hexnode, Raymond tracked the geographical location of the managed mobile devices at periodic time intervals. The location feature also enabled him to obtain the instantaneous location information, including the complete history of locations traversed by the devices till then. The truck drivers use in-house apps for activities such as updating the waste disposal quantities, getting customer signatures on the tablets, and so on. Using Hexnode UEM, Raymond distributed enterprise apps and store apps to multiple devices simultaneously. Hexnode also enabled uninstalling unwanted apps from the Android devices remotely.

“The remote view feature of Hexnode UEM allows me to remotely access and control the devices... It is excellent”

Raymond Dickey

Accountant/Office Manager at Waste Eliminator

In a nutshell

Before implementing an MDM in their company, Raymond had to spend a lot of time doing paperwork as their management processes involved loads of handwritten documents. The initial stage of executing Hexnode UEM was so easy so that he was able to implement the software in their company without much trouble. Hexnode allowed Raymond to monitor and control the devices over-the-air, thereby enabling him to access tablets from anywhere. Earlier, the truck drivers had to face numerous issues with the devices such as inability to load road routes, losing connectivity with the system, and more. However, Hexnode’s remote view feature, helped him offer remote assistance to the employees quickly and efficiently like never before. With the perfect blend of powerful management features and highly responsive support team from Hexnode, Raymond was able to achieve a significant hike in business productivity while reducing his workload immensely.