The story of Anton Wittenzellner KG

On reducing overall workload by more than 50% using Hexnode’s remote device management solution

With David Wittenzellner | Working Student at Anton Wittenzellner KG


“Hexnode was the overall package...The features offered for the price seemed pretty good to me.”




Patersdorf, Germany


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The story

Located in Patersdorf, Anton Wittenzellner KG is one of the best regional dealers in the field of agriculture, building materials, landscaping, gardening, terrace coverings, drainage, etc. The organization is also indulged in wholesale food product transportation to various locations in trucks. They provide premium quality products to consumers after multiple stages of testing. The transportation of tools and materials is carried out using the trucks owned by the organization.

David Wittenzellner, a working student at Anton Wittenzellner KG, was asked to find a solution to remotely manage the iOS and Android devices owned by the organization. The devices were placed in trucks for quick data entry and location tracking. Some of the tablets were also distributed to the salesmen for work-essential activities. After a research on the available MDM solutions with the necessary features, David presented his analysis on Hexnode to the CEO and they finally decided to purchase Hexnode. The solution was the most user-friendly and easy to use product, which turned out to be one of the main factors for choosing Hexnode.

“I was trying out different providers but Hexnode's overall package seemed to be better.”

With David Wittenzellner

Working Student at Anton Wittenzellner KG

Anton Wittenzellner KG case study
Anton Wittenzellner KG case study with Hexnode

The product enabled David to remotely install and update apps on the devices easily. He could control and manage all the apps from a single console which saved a significant amount of time. The apps were installed from the Hexnode portal and distributed onto the devices remotely. Hexnode provided an accurate location tracking service along with a detailed location history report which could be downloaded anytime. The location of the devices in the trucks could be fetched instantly and periodically. David was able to get the correct location details and reports of all the devices without fail.

“We have a range of devices used for various business...We required an MDM solution to manage it all.”

With David Wittenzellner

Working Student at Anton Wittenzellner KG

Hexnode case study on Anton Wittenzellner KG
Hexnode case study Anton wittenzellner KG

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped David restrict the devices to only the work-essential applications. It ensures that the devices are used only for the intended purpose and aren’t misused. The solution enabled him to remotely control the devices easily from a single console. Infact, Hexnode offered the best lockdown mode for devices having specific set of restrictions and provided useful security features.

David saved a significant amount of time in deploying apps to the devices using Hexnode. An important factor that caught the eye was the super easy user-interface which could be mastered in no time. Moreover, the workload of manually managing the whole device fleet was minimized to a great extent with Hexnode.

In a nutshell

Anton Wittenzellner KG implemented Hexnode for locking down the devices to only work-related apps. The apps were pushed remotely to the whole device fleet from a single console. The location tracking feature along with the brilliant management functionalities was top-notch with Hexnode. David and his higher officials were very impressed with the technical support they received whenever required.