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The story of Spartina 449

Effective time management and productivity boosting across the Retail chains with Hexnode’s lockdown solution

With Jacquez Tate, Information Technology Manager at Spartina 449


“It's a big help for us in the corporate because we can remote into the device and see exactly what they are doing at any time.”




Bluffton, South Carolina


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The story

Founded in 2009, Spartina 449 emerged as an unrivalled brand line of high-quality, colourful linen and leather handbags. They have consistently ventured into jewellery, paper products, accessories, and apparels by drawing inspiration from the rich natural beauty of Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. Their products are available in more than 1500 outlets across the United States and abroad.

Spartina 449 provided its employees working in the warehouse with scanners which were used to automate data collection within a network. These scanners had the full functionality of a cell phone, such as internet, emails, music and video streaming, social media and much more. The employees were using company-owned devices for personal entertainment which increased the network expenses. Similarly, they had iPads at the storage units to store customer information. They quickly needed a way to manage these mobile devices cost-effectively. This led Jacquez Tate, the Information Technology Manager at Spartina 449, to search for a way to lockdown the devices to the required applications while preventing the employees from overusing their resources. He also wanted basic device management capabilities like the remote view to supervise the employees properly. Jacquez looked for an affordable solution that would enable him to efficiently lockdown the devices. His constant search brought him to Hexnode.

“Our scanners, they function as cell phones per se so they have open range to do anything ... so on our network we were having issues with the network bills”

Jacquez Tate

Information Technology Manager at Spartina 449

Spartina 449 case study
Hexnode case study Canndescent

The team at Spartina 449 was really impressed with the comprehensive feature-set of Hexnode UEM. Another factor that was considered in the selection process was the pricing range of each vendor. Hexnode, with its budget-friendly pricing tiers, managed to stand out and urged them to go forward with it. With Hexnode, Jacquez could deploy the client apps into all the devices without going through the hassle of manually downloading them on each device. They could be distributed to all enrolled devices by adding the required apps onto the Hexnode UEM app inventory. Similarly, the admin could install, uninstall, update, whitelist, or blacklist apps while ensuring that app data is managed securely.

Kiosk mode enabled Jacquez to lockdown the mobile devices to the necessary applications. After enrolling the devices used in the warehouse onto the platform, he was able to restrict its use to that of a scanner. The Hexnode browser enabled him to limit access to a couple of web apps that were of use to them. Here, the user could securely browse as it opens only the whitelisted websites that are added in the kiosk mode. The iPads used in storage units were locked down to keep track of the customer data. These devices were configured to function in single/multi-app kiosk mode. Hence, the admin could have granular control over each functionality of the devices.

“Hexnode was able to help us turn the scanners from basically from a tablet or cell phone into just a scanner.”

Jacquez Tate

Information Technology Manager at Spartina 449

Spartina 449 case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Spartina 449

With Hexnode, Jacquez was able to configure passwords and have control over basic management functionalities. The remote view was yet another favourite feature from Hexnode that amazed the team at Spartina 449. The storage units were located at different parts of the state. So, it was not always possible for Jacquez to manually address the fixes at a specific location. But, with Hexnode’s remote view and control functionality, the admin could remotely view and control the devices in real-time and aid to diagnose and resolve the issues that are reported by the users. The technical support team at Hexnode was able to help Jacquez in the implementation of the software. The chat support was available at all times and he was tremendously happy with the way they swiftly dealt with all of his enquiries. They are also planning to extend Hexnode’s usability in an upcoming survey project at Spartina 449. Jacquez has already recommended Hexnode to a similar firm which was in dire need of an efficient MDM.

“It's like as soon as you send a message, no matter what time of the day it is, you'll have a response.”

Jacquez Tate

Information Technology Manager at Spartina 449

In a nutshell

Hexnode made it easy for Jacquez to supervise, troubleshoot and assist the employees in real-time. Their primary requirement was to lockdown all their devices in kiosk mode. Hexnode made it easy to manage and monitor the tablets. Spartina 449 noticed an increase in productivity in their IT team with the help of remote view and control feature. They could also save a lot of time by distributing apps using Hexnode’s mobile app management feature and kiosk lockdown solution.