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The story of Link RV

Boosting the Sales of Recreational Vehicles with the Lockdown Solution from Hexnode

With Mike Handorf, IT Administrator at Link RV


“I think the investment is low and then the benefits we get from it is incredibly high...It’s not even a question of if it's worth it, it’s definitely worth it.”






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The story

Link RV is one of the largest RV dealers in Wisconsin that has been in business since 1946. They sell recreational vehicles from small beds to full on motor homes. Link RV has a team of certified service technicians/advisors in the service department. They also have an inventory of the common and hard to find RV parts for most makes and models. They even sell used/pre-owned RVs and have a full-service RV repair facility. Some RVs are motorised whereas some are pulled behind a truck or SUV.

Initially, the company used white boards to display the floor plan printouts of the different available RVs for sale which consumed a lot of space during huge conventions. Many people take RVs to different locations for camping purpose during spring. White boards were fine to display the floor plans when there was no rush. It was not an effective way during rush hours. People used to gather around the board, wait for a while and leave. Lack of customer engagement adversely affected the business.

Mike Handorf, the IT administrator of Link RV, wanted to solve these problems and thought of bringing up an interactive way to indulge the customers making the process more interesting. He developed an interactive webpage which showcased the RVs. Later, an Android kiosk was set up in their lobby which displayed their webpage on it. He didn’t want people to use inappropriate websites/apps and leave it that way. So, Mike started his quest for the most suitable MDM solution and that’s when he came across Hexnode. Using Hexnode, he set up the lockdown solution which restricted users from using other sites/apps.

“The investment is low and then the benefits we get from it is incredibly high...It’s not even a question of if it's worth it, it’s definitely worth it.”

Mike Handorf

IT Administrator at Link RV

Link RV case study
Link RV case study with Hexnode

Hexnode allowed the kiosk to run only the company website which showcased the inventory of different available floor plans of the RVs. This way, the company was able to engage the customers for longer duration than usual because they could touch the screen and view an interactive 3D virtual floor plan. This made people more intrigued. The large touch screen also provided the ability to input customer information if they were interested in any of the RVs, so that they could be followed up later. The customers discuss about the floor plans of the RVs with the salesperson using the kiosk. Afterwards, the customers are taken outdoor to view the shortlisted RVs in real. This saved huge amount of time. It was easy for customers to figure out the floor plans by themselves given the 3D virtual tour of each RV available in the inventory. The screen just had to be turned on and it would automatically connect to the internet and run only the required website. It was as simple as that with Hexnode.

“There are lot of options out there for products that are similar...You did the best of everything that we looked at”

Mike Handorf

IT Administrator at Link RV

Hexnode case study on Link RV

Locking down the kiosk to a single website with absolutely minimal effort is what Mike wanted. And that's exactly what he got delivered. He could leave it unattended and the system would still work perfectly. In times of need, the tech support team at Hexnode was just a ping away.

“Your customer support was excellent because I didn’t know how to use it when I started...The fact that it worked for our situation saved us money.”

Mike Handorf

IT Administrator at Link RV

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped Link RV save incalculable amount of time for the sale of RVs. The lockdown solution offered by Hexnode made sure the computer ran only the necessary app. The investment was low but the benefits from it was incredibly high and the solution was worth every penny. Link RV continues to be immensely satisfied with the solution.