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The story of AKMT Group

Hexnode makes device management for a global sports event simple and easy

With Alex Louvris, Owner, AKMT group


IT solution


Athens, Greece



With software solutions, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” -- custom-tailored solutions are essential for any IT business. This case study shows how Hexnode’s Unified Endpoint Management solution solved an unexpected and complicated assignment for a European IT and overlay solutions provider.


AKMT Group are masters of providing IT solutions for global sporting events, including the Summer & Winter Olympics, Asian Games, Mediterranean Games, and the FIFA & AFC cups. They have 20 years of experience with developing procedures and documentation, evaluating and assessing competing bids, and management consulting for clients.

Challenges Faced

AKMT Group was tasked with distributing and deploying mobile devices for the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin. A mix of over 2,700 iphones and iPads were needed within a month for the event, and while AKMT had been contracted for the same event previously, they weren’t typically in charge of devices. These endpoints were used by athletes, vendors, staff, and stakeholders at the event. Alex Louvris, the owner of AKMT, knew his team would need a way to control and secure these devices. They needed an MDM solution.

AKMT case study

Consideration of MDM Solutions

Louvris was recommended Hexnode by a few of his colleagues and he decided to do some research. Other competitors lacked many of the features that AKMT’s assignment required, and Louvris found their pricing too expensive. He reviewed Hexnode’s features and price points, and decided it was a perfect fit for his situation.

Integration of Hexnode

According to Louvris, despite the time crunch, deployment went smoothly. Hexnode supports Apple Automated Device Enrollment Program (DEP). DEP is built specifically for situations where a company or organization needs to enroll corporate devices. This means large scale enrollments, like AKMT’s 2,700 devices, are streamlined and simplified. Using DEP with Hexnode lets teams configure devices completely and remotely before the system is out of the box.

Implementation and Results

With Hexnode, AKMT was able to push the Special Olympics World Games specific app onto the devices and ensure all software was updated. If desired, AKMT could have also used Hexnode’s Kiosk Lockdown mode to limit the phones to one app. This would also help ensure device security and mitigate unintended usage on these systems. In addition, the team created several different profiles for each type of user under Hexnode’s unified policy management system. AKMT also pushed contact lists to all devices.

AKMT could have also implemented Hexnode’s location tracking and geofencing. These features would’ve provided insight into where devices were and would have marked each device as non-compliant if they left a predetermined location. In the event that a device was lost or stolen, AKMT had the ability to find the device from the unified Hexnode dashboard.

AKMT case study

Benefits and Transformation

Hexnode made AKMT Group’s mission possible. With Hexnode, AKMT Group had the ability to manage, update, and secure over 2,700 devices. Enrollment was completed quickly, meaning athletes, staff, and stakeholders had everything they needed before the games began.


This case study is a testament to several of Hexnode’s prominent features. With Hexnode, AKMT Group was able to enroll before a deadline, manage and secure data safety, and push specific software to a high number of devices.