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The story of JW IT Resources

Limiting device usage for effective business continuity with Hexnode

With John Wybourn | IT Manager at JW IT Resources


“It works the way our clients want it to and there's no's does exactly what is required.”


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The story

JW IT Resources offers top notch IT services and technology consulting to small businesses and home users to solve their IT problems. With their successful 30 years in the IT sector, the organization follows five major business motives- secure, repair, support, connect, monitor. They offer a wide range of services to their potential users such as laptop/desktop repairs, virus and spyware removal, data recovery and backup plan, data transfer, broadband and WIFI, and so on. All these services are offered in a budget-friendly price range.

John Wybourn, the IT Manager at JW IT Resources, was looking for a solution to remotely manage a set of handheld Android devices owned by a potential client (care homes). They needed a solution that could restrict the devices to a few apps and selectively control the device settings. John browsed through the internet to obtain a possible solution to his requirements. After a dedicated research, he found Hexnode to be an apt solution to his requirements. He quickly signed up for the free trial offered by Hexnode and tried out the software. He was greatly impressed with the rich set of functionalities Hexnode offered and soon after the trial, John went forward with purchasing the required number of licenses.

“We did a lot of research into what was there and your solution does everything we needed.”

John Wybourn

IT Manager at JW IT Resources

JW IT Resources case study
JW IT Resources case study with Hexnode

Hexnode helped John to smartly control the Android devices and deploy them for corporate activities. He could distribute the required number of work specific applications on to the devices directly from the Hexnode console. All the applications would get installed on the devices without any manual intervention which saved him an incalculable amount of time and travel cost.

“Hexnode seemed to be a different solution when I logged in and that seemed satisfactory...we just went with it.”

John Wybourn

IT Manager at JW IT Resources

Hexnode case study on JW IT Resources
Hexnode case study JW IT Resources

John could restrict the devices to a set of applications and websites as desired by the client company and ensure that the devices aren’t misused. The kiosk lockdown solution allowed him to lock the devices to a single or multiple application which served the purpose of device deployment. A set of additional functionalities helped him build a restrictive environment for the device users. Only the admin with the help of an exit password could unlock the devices from the kiosk mode hence adding on to device security.

“It's very clever, the kiosk lockdown is just does what we want.”

John Wybourn

IT Manager at JW IT Resources

Hexnode’s simple and intuitive user interface allowed John to navigate through the console and configure the essential functionalities with great ease. He could apply any essential configuration at any time without having the devices in hand. He also received timely assistance from the technical support team at Hexnode whenever required. Any concern put forward was immediately resolved by the tech team, thus boosting the implementation process.

“The tech support is guys are knowledgeable...they are excellent.”

John Wybourn

IT Manager at JW IT Resources

In a nutshell

Hexnode offered the team at JW IT Resources the right set of solutions for effective device management. They could easily manage and control the Android devices used for work purposes whilst ensuring utmost security. The team could quickly distribute the most essential applications to the devices and set up a restrictive environment by locking the devices in Hexnode kiosk mode. Device deployment and control with Hexnode greatly reduced their workload and improved the overall business productivity.