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The story of Highland Technology Solutions

Implementing a feature-rich solution for flawless management of Android and iOS devices

With Chris Laramie | Partner at Highland Technology Solutions


“Hexnode has been useful for sure. It has helped me release workload without a doubt.”


IT Services


Minnesota, USA


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The story

Highland Technology Solutions is an IT company that provides a large variety of advanced information technology services and system support. They use various techniques to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate necessary information for clients. Apart from tech services and support, the company offers top-class drone-based services as well. The proven successful workflow process of the company makes it stand out from the rest in the sector.

A dedicated client of Highland Technology Solutions required a solution to control and manage a few Android and iOS devices remotely. The Android tablets were mainly used to sign up members of the fitness clubs whereas the iPads were installed with games for the children. The client wanted to restrict the non-essential functionalities of the devices and make sure it was used only for the intended purposes. The solution used earlier was just not up to the mark and a new solution was a major necessity. Chris Laramie, one of the partners at Highland Technology Solutions, researched on the best MDM solutions available in the market and suggested Hexnode to his client. Hexnode offered a variety of rich-features at a very reasonable price range. Moreover, it supported both iOS and Android operating systems, which was a crucial factor during the selection process.

“I needed to control a bunch of tablets... You guys do both Android and Apple.”

With Chris Laramie

Partner at Highland Technology Solutions

Highland Technology Solutions case study with Hexnode
Highland Technology Solutions case study

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped in restricting the iPads and tablets to only the essential applications. It ensured that all the devices were used only for the intended purposes. The people in the fitness club couldn’t download or access any unauthorized apps for personal purposes. The end-user experience turned out to be fabulous as it worked perfectly with no complications.

Hexnode’s app management capabilities aided in remotely installing the apps onto the devices in no time. The application was readily pushed to the devices with no manual intervention. Apart from app installation, it was also possible to remotely push app and licence updates periodically which became really handy. He was relieved for the fact that he could now push app updates remotely from a single console for both the operating systems.

“Hexnode's easy to use especially once you go through the onboarding process, very easy to figure out.”

With Chris Laramie

Partner at Highland Technology Solutions

Hexnode case study on Highland Technology Solutions
Hexnode case study Highland Technology Solutions

With Hexnode, he managed to save an incalculable amount of productive hours and money. An important factor that caught the eye was the prompt support they received for all the queries. Right from the moment of signing up for the trial, Hexnode continued to provide overwhelming support for the product. Chris feels more than happy in recommending Hexnode to companies which often struggle with multiple device management.

In a nutshell

Highland Technology Solutions successfully implemented Hexnode to control and monitor devices running on different operating systems for their client. Prior to using Hexnode, it was very complicated to control all the devices using the previous MDM solution. Hexnode helped in achieving complete restriction against unauthorized applications on the devices. The feature rich product offered excellent app management as well where the apps and licences could be updated remotely with no complications. Moreover, the product was easy on the eye and user-friendly.