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We want to set a geofence for a certain area and disable the device if it stays out of the area for more than an hour. How can we do this?

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  • Hi @Evie, could you specify the platform (OS) your device will be running so that I can give you a more specific response?

    On Hexnode UEM, you can add geofence regions, which can be defined as the virtual parameter set on coordinates you mark by drawing a rectangle on an interactive map. When we scan a device for its location, the coordinates returned should fall within the parameter to qualify as geofence complaint. Any device with location coordinates returned out of the virtual line will be marked as geofence non-compliant, and you may set notification preferences to get notified of such events.

    Learn more about this feature by referring to our Help Center documentation.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

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  • Hi @Evie, thanks for following up. So, the set of features you need are –

    1. Setting a geofence area
    2. Regularly tracking the device location
    3. If device is outside geofence for more than an hour, deactivate the device

    You can start by adding the geofence region from Admin > Geofencing.

    Hexnode UEM has a Location Tracking feature that has to be enabled prior to track the location of any device. Configure the Location Tracking permissions from Policy > General Settings > Location Tracking and set the appropriate location update interval (for your case, 1 hour).

    From the same General Settings section, you can add a Geofencing configuration with your geofence region in the policy. Associate the policy with your devices and save the policy.

    Note: When you add geofencing to a policy, the policy will only be valid within the geofence. If the device moves out of the geofence, it becomes location non-compliant and the policy is invalidated.

    To deactivate a device when it leaves the geofence, you may create an automatic alerting system and push a remediating device action. To create the alert system, first set the compliant status settings from Admin > General Settings > Compliance Settings. Ensure the device is to be marked non-compliant on leaving geofence. Then add a Notification alert for device non-compliance from Admin > Notifications. You’ll be notified via email and on the Hexnode UEM Activity feed when a device becomes non-compliant.

    Once you get the notification, you may remotely execute an action on the device by going to Manage tab, selecting the device and clicking on the Actions button. Such remote commands could be executed on the device –

    • Lost Mode: Blocks all device features and locks the device down with a custom message.
    • Wipe Device: Resets the device to its’s factory settings. The device may even lose its management based on the enrollment configuration.
    • Remote Ring: Plays a sound on the device even if the device volume is turned off. It could be used as a warning.
    • Disenroll Device: Removes the work profile on the device and disassociates the device from your Hexnode MDM server.
    • Broadcast Message: Send a message notification to the users’ devices to warn them before taking action.

    Note: When Hexnode detects that your device has left the geofence, the device is marked location non-compliant on the Device Summary page (Find it under the Compliance Info section).

    Hope I was able to help.

    Zach Goodman
    Hexnode UEM

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by  Zach Goodman.