Reply To: App could not be updated in Kiosk

AvatarCatherine George
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Hey Saiqa,

Thanks for responding. Since you’ve added the Google Play Store app as a background app, you will not be facing any blocked package errors in the future.

Hexnode automatically pushes updates of a Managed Google app if the app is initially distributed via the Mandatory Apps policy. If you’ve distributed the app via the Install Application command, you’ll have to reinitiate the action to push the app update.

If the issue persists, here are some workarounds that can be initiated from the Hexnode UEM console:

Try clearing the cache or data of the Google Play Store app.

Use the Remote App Launch command to launch the Google Play Store app on the device remotely. It enables you to keep the Google Play Store open on the device over the air. Since the app remains alive for the specified duration, any delayed app updates will be pushed to the device automatically. To execute the command, select the device from Manage > Devices, and click on Actions > Remote App Launch. You may choose any of the available configurations as each of them can serve the purpose here.

Now, your app can be seamlessly updated without any further delay.

Hope that resolves your issues!

Catherine George
Hexnode UEM