Tablet stuck in Kiosk mode won’t reconnect to WIFI

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I had a tablet connected to the wifi and in kiosk mode working just fine.

I then move the tablet to another place where it had no wifi and the tablet was stuck in kiosk mode and I could not access the settings of the tablet to select a new wifi.

I came back to the spot where I had wifi for the first time and It won’t reconnect to the wifi….

Is there a way to bypass that ? It is really urgent !



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    Jeff Black


    Hi Paul,

    Hope you are doing well,

    We shall be happy to assist you with the difficulty that you are experiencing in kiosk mode. It is strange that the device is unable to connect to the initial WIFI that it was set up with. It could be that the WIFI credentials have been changed. If so, you could have them changed to the original configurations and check whether the device is able to get connected to the WIFI once more. Alternatively, you could also try setting up a new WIFI, with the same SSID and password as the one to which it was connected originally.

    As the device is in kiosk mode, and the WIFI options are inaccessible, you would be required to first exit kiosk mode in order to get the device connected to the WIFI. In the case of Android devices, you can tap on the home screen and provide the kiosk exit password. The number of times to tap the screen and the kiosk exit password would be specified under Policy > Kiosk lockdown > Android > kiosk exit settings. If the device is in single app kiosk mode, you would be required to restart the device in order to get access to the home screen in order to tap on the home screen and provide the kiosk exit password.

    Here is a detailed help doc regarding the kiosk exit options for Android devices

    Once you are able to connect the device to a WIFI, you could also allow the users to access WIFI from kiosk mode from Policy > Kiosk lockdown > Android > Peripheral settings > Network. You could have the option to switch between WIFI set accordingly to prevent any such difficulties in future when the device is taken to a different location.

    For your IOS devices, however, there is no option to exit the kiosk mode on the device end due to the restrictions set by Apple’s MDM protocol. For a device in single app kiosk mode, the best chance would be to get it connected to either the original WIFI or another WIFI set up with the same credentials of the WIFI to which the device was connected initially. If not, as a last resort, you could make use of the Apple Configurator app (available for Mac devices in the App Store) and have the device wiped in order to ensure the profile is removed.

    For a much quicker response or if you are still experiencing any difficulties, you can always reach out to the support team directly either via chat, or send a mail to Our team shall be delighted to assist you accordingly.

    Stay safe and have a great day!

    Jeff Black
    Hexnode MDM.