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MDM OS update management

Schedule and enforce system updates

  • Protection against latest security vulnerabilities.
  • Support for new applications and software.
  • Improve device performance and stability.
  • Possible lack of technical support for older versions.

Why OS updates?

OS updates can include new feature releases, security patches or small bug fixes but most importantly, can be very vital for device and data security.

  • OEMs can support OTA updates in bulk.
  • Schedule Android OS updates even when the device is locked in kiosk mode.
  • Enforce system updates onto iPhones and iPads.
  • Configure updates to be downloaded or installed in Macs.

Remotely trigger system updates with Hexnode

With Hexnode, the admin can schedule, manage and enforce OS updates. Updates can be configured onto individual devices or groups of devices.

17 min

Schedule, delay and automate: OS Update Management

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