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MDM for Healthcare

Technology that take cares healthcare

Ensure hospital workstation and device security with Hexnode UEM Ensure hospital workstation and device security with Hexnode UEM

Ensure hospital workstation and device security with Hexnode UEM

Healthcare organizations have been using mobile devices, mainly tablets, for better patient engagement and keeping up with patient’s medical history. Moving on from case sheets, clipboards and paperwork made the process of consultation, diagnosis and treatment more efficient. Hexnode UEM manages mobile devices in an enterprise level, thus shaping the device functionality that suits the requirement.

Best MDM for healthcare

Single console for the Hospital IT inventory

Hospitals may deploy devices of any platform such as iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android devices along with advanced support on Samsung Knox, LG GATE, Kyocera, Windows mobiles, tablets and PCs. Hexnode manages all of them under its single console.

Single or multi-app kiosk for healthcare apps

The kiosk mode enables locking down devices to a single app or multiple apps and websites. In this mode, the device will have limited functionality due to the restrictions enforced over hardware and software.

MDM for hospitals

Cross platform enrollment

Many device vendors offer advanced enrollment options for enterprises. Apple Deployment Programs (DEP), Android Enterprise Recommended and G Suite is supported by Hexnode UEM which enables Zero-Touch Enrollment of devices in bulk.

Patient privacy protection

Hexnode enables the hospital or healthcare organization achieve HIPAA specified standards. The secure containers and kiosk mode provide safe access to PHI (Protected Health Information) in the devices.

Mobile Device Management in healthcare

Compliance management and crisis control

Since the hospital’s mobile devices contain risk prone patient information, fast security actions like device lock, wipe and lost mode come in handy in certain situations. For a device that is lost, the features such as location tracking, Find my iPad etc, turns out useful.

Patient engagement portal

Instead of redundant paperwork and filling out forms, a mobile tablet is used to collect patient information and conduct surveys. Kiosks with online forms will reduce the time and effort of both staff and patient.

EMM for hospitals

Healthy device restriction policy

Platform compatible restriction set available in Hexnode UEM enables enforcing strict control over the device. Inappropriate device functionalities for a hospital environment such as camera, call and messaging, social networks, screenshots etc., can be disabled.

Information source for doctors

Going through stacks of medical records in order to find the case history of the patient is a tiring process. With Hexnode, the patient’s PHI can be made available to the doctor without fussing about the data security.

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The healthy way to secure healthcare devices