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MDM for Education

Learning accessorized with technology

The next level of E-learning with Hexnode UEM The next level of E-learning with Hexnode UEM

The next level of E-learning with Hexnode UEM

Exploring learning with the help of mobile devices has been a breakthrough in the field of education. At the same time, managing the device inventory has turned out to be a challenge especially for the school IT team. When different device platforms offered their own version of device management portal, Hexnode brought the all-in-one management suite which enabled schools to manage all kind of devices from one place.

MDM in Education

The unified console for work mobility

Hexnode UEM manages mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PCs of all platforms (iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Windows). The visual experience creates more impact in learning than the traditional textbook learning.

Cross-platform integration

Hexnode UEM has been integrated with Apple Deployment Programs, Apple School Manager, Android Enterprise Recommended, G Suite, Zendesk, Azure AD etc. These tie-ups enable Hexnode to be the single management platform for the whole school.

Best MDM Solution for Education

Zero-touch enrollment and AD integration

Hexnode offers a variety of enrollment techniques based on different requirements. AD enrollment, DEP enrollment, Azure AD enrollment, Android Enterprise Recommended enrollment, G Suite enrollment, Zero-touch enrollment etc. are supported for fast hands-free enrollment of various device models.

The kiosk mode for device lock down

Focusing student’s concentration and gaining attention gets easier and efficient with the kiosk mode. Any app or website can be put in the kiosk mode so that the student cannot exit or deviate from it. The kiosk browser for safe web-based kiosk mode is another plus.

MDM solution for Education

Apple School Manager

The Apple School Manager is a web-based portal dedicated for managing devices deployed to students. Teachers can monitor the student devices, set up classes, share study materials and applications etc. iPads, iPhones, Macs and Apple TVs can be managed with Apple School Manager.

Content management

Study materials of any data type can be sent to the devices without any assistance from the students. These files can be stored anywhere in the device as the admin pleases. The files can also be removed from the device anytime. Containers can be used to separate school and personal data and apps.

MDM Solution in Education

Equipping with learning and teaching apps

Everything needed for managing apps, you name it, we have it. App blacklisting and whitelisting, creating app groups, app catalogs, store layouts, enabling app configuration, bulk distribution, Apple VPP etc. enable app purchase and distribution remotely.

Security and threat management

Websites and application threats are mostly found in college deployed devices because they have more access to internet than in schools. The web content filter, containers, location filter, application backlisting and whitelisting features secure them completely by controlling access to the unsafe territories, leaving no loopholes.

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