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The story of The Huntington

Remotely monitoring iPads for advanced learning experience got easier with Hexnode

With David Vorobyov | IT Admin at The Huntington


“It's super beneficial and it definitely saved a lot of work hours...from the user's end, it makes a lot of sense and is very user-friendly.”


Museums and Institutions


California, US


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The story

The Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens, at its core, is an institution that supports and promotes research and educations in humanities, arts, and botanical science. The fundamental concern of the dignitaries at The Huntington is the preservation of their artworks, books, manuscripts and related materials, in addition to the rare botanical species for future discoveries and interpretations. They excel in providing world-class education to children, as well as teachers, in art, history, and botanical science through special tours and programs. They also organize special exhibitions for enhanced visitor experience and to facilitate learning.

Offering enhanced learning experience to the children has always been the prime motive of the managing team at The Huntington. In order to digitize learning, they team thought of deploying iPads. These iPads were distributed amongst the children and the teachers to carry out events. The children used the iPads to attend various classroom courses and attend programs hosted by the officials while the teachers used the iPads to attend seminars specifically conducted for them. The implementation of iPads eased the work process to a great extent. But it brought in some adverse effects too.

Manually controlling and managing a bunch of iPads turned out to be challenging for the technical team at The Huntington. It took much of their productive time. Moreover, the secure deployment of the iPads was a major concern for the team as chances of them being lost or misplaced was considerably high. It was then that David Vorobyov, the IT Admin at The Huntington, thought of trying out an MDM solution and started looking for the best possible option for their requirements.

David looked for a number of MDM solutions on the internet but none suited his requirements. Finally, he found Hexnode that became the perfect fit. He signed up for the free trial and was totally impressed with the first look of Hexnode. The simple interface and easy set up process were the key highlights. In addition, Hexnode fell right within their budget which strengthened the purchase decision.

“User interface is really clean, really easy to understand...I would recommend people to try Hexnode for sure.”

David Vorobyov

IT Admin at The Huntington

The Huntington case study
Hexnode case study The Huntington

David found the solution to all his requirements in a single solution- Hexnode. The rich feature set at a reasonable price range was something that attracted him the most. The location tracking feature being available at a reasonable price range was really appreciated by the team. With this functionality, he could track the device’s real-time location thus ensuring that the devices are safe and within the institution’s premises. Even if the devices get misplaced, he could track them easily which became a major highlight.

“You have a lot of features at a price point that we wanted to go for and that we needed, and so that was the main driving factor.”

David Vorobyov

IT Admin at The Huntington

Amongst the rich set of features Hexnode offered, the device grouping functionality was highly beneficial for the team. They could specifically group the devices and assign configurations on them. These configurations could also be imposed on the devices based on location filters, also a speciality of the dynamic device groups. The ease with which he could impose the configurations on the iPads greatly impressed David.

“Overall, I have no complaints about the platform so there's definitely nothing I think you guys lack in...”

David Vorobyov

IT Admin at The Huntington

The Huntington case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on The Huntington

David had an amazing experience with Hexnode. He could remotely control the iPads and manage them effortlessly like never before. Having a number of features at a reasonable budget was a bonus for the team at The Huntington. Implementing Hexnode saved them a lot of time which in turn enhanced their productivity to a great extent. Above all, the vibrant technical support team at Hexnode guided him at every step of implementation and were all time available to answer his queries.

“At any point of the day, you guys respond to the queries...I can just click on the chatbot and you guys get back to me right away.”

David Vorobyov

IT Admin at The Huntington

In a nutshell

Hexnode became the perfect choice for the team at The Huntington. They found all that they were looking for in a single solution which greatly impressed the team. The need to manage and control the iPads remotely was rightly met and they could achieve it at a reasonable price range. They were happy to obtain even more of what they were looking for. The technical support team helped David throughout the setup process and were always available to answer his queries. In short, David was super happy and contended with the services offered by Hexnode and is hopeful to continue using the solution for his future ventures.