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The story of BOUNCE Singapore

Streamlining theme park admissions with intuitive kiosks

With Wanping Kwek | Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore


“When I was using another system, we keep carrying people being able to hack in and the kiosk system gets reprogrammed...After we used Hexnode, I don’t have that problem.”


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The story

BOUNCE is one of the world’s best indoor adventure and trampoline parks featuring a variety of trampoline zones. It provides a wide range of indoor activities like dodgeball, slam dunk, big bag, free jump arena and many more. The recreational activities include trampolines, walls, climbing arenas, and obstacle courses. Ninja Warrior and Leap of Faith are amongst the high-rated adrenaline-rush activities hosted by BOUNCE. It offers fun-filled activities that are equally healthy and safe for the adventure-lovers. Individuals of all age groups are permitted into the venue. BOUNCE comprises a set of highly passionate, friendly and energetic staff that render the best customer experience, filled with both adventure and delight.

Every activity at the BOUNCE venue is filled with fun and adventure, and hence risky to some extent. Safety of the visitors is therefore a major concern for the operating team at BOUNCE. They make sure that their visitors get the best of the experience with no compromise to individual safety. To ensure the safety of the visitors, they have formulated a waiver which highlights the terms and conditions associated with the services and activities offered by the team at BOUNCE. Every visitant at BOUNCE should duly study and fill up the waiver prior to experiencing the services offered by the team. By submitting the waiver, the visitant electronically certifies the waiver and agrees to the terms and conditions raised by BOUNCE.

The waiver is displayed on Android tablets and is controlled via a custom-made application. The whole setup acts like a Waiver Completion System. The application is specific to the organization and it allows the visitors to fill up the waiver. Each visitor studies, fills and submits the waiver before entering the premises.

Wanping Kwek, the Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore, says she faced considerable challenges to manage the tablets. The devices were inappropriately handled by the visitors which adversely affected the overall management process. Cases of device hacking were also reported that added on to the challenges faced by the team. This made Wanping to hunt for a solution that could resolve her concerns. She looked for a system that could restrict the devices to a single application so that the visitors could not inappropriately hamper the tablets and can only use them for the intended purpose. A Mobile Device Management solution was indeed a perfect choice for her requirements. She went on trying a different MDM but could not retrieve the desired results. Eventually, she ended up with Hexnode that met with all their requirements in an efficient, hassle-free way.

“When I was using another system, we keep carrying people being able to hack in and the kiosk system gets reprogrammed...After we used Hexnode, I don’t have that problem.”

Wanping Kwek

Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore

BOUNCE Singapore case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on BOUNCE Singapore

The single app kiosk lockdown solution from Hexnode allowed the team to restrict the tablets to a single application (which was their custom-made application). With kiosk set up on the tablets, the visitors could access only the application that hosted the waiver. All other functionalities on the device gets subsequently blocked or made inaccessible. Hexnode kiosk lockdown solution locks the devices to a single application or a set of useful applications. It limits accessibility by blocking other functionalities that are not configured in kiosk mode.

“We use Hexnode as a form of customer-facing in terms of completion of the terms and conditions as forms.”

Wanping Kwek

Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore

Apart from the kiosk lockdown solution, Wanping could remotely manage and control the tablets in a way she wanted them to function. Setting up the devices with Hexnode was quite an effortless task for her. She could single-handedly setup the devices. The customer support services from Hexnode indeed simplified the task of setting up the devices. She received timely and accurate responses to her queries every time she needed it. Her overall experience with Hexnode did prove to be efficient for the company as a whole.

“You guys were able to help me remotely either through the chat or through the phone.”

Wanping Kwek

Assistant Venue Manager at BOUNCE Singapore

BOUNCE Singapore case study

In a nutshell

Wanping had a remarkable experience with Hexnode. She could effectively manage the devices hosting the application without the fear of any irregularities. The kiosk solution from Hexnode greatly solved much of the challenges faced by her. With Hexnode, she could now ensure that the tablets are utilized for the intended purpose. All other malpractices regarding the device usage were also cleared after implementing Hexnode. Hexnode indeed proved to be the best choice for BOUNCE Singapore in every possible way.