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The story of Sanner IT, LLC.

Reducing Travel Expenses with Remote Device Management from Hexnode

With Emily Sanner, Owner/IT Specialist at Sanner IT, LLC.


“Hexnode has the flexibility that we needed around managing multiple types of devices.”


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The story

Sanner IT, LLC. is a software company in Wyoming which provides a wide scope of technology services from building custom applications and software to overall system analysis. They help align technology with business needs. This includes manufacturing custom tracking software, implementing ways for automating business processes and workflows, etc. They also assist in building personal and professional websites, mapping and building the right network for companies, IT consulting, offering support and training for new software, and computer repairs.

Sanner IT, LLC. engages in operating many remote projects and have employees working at different locations. The company manages museum type exhibitions. There are around 40 different exhibition teams that travel across the world managing events. The employees often shift to different locations in every 3-6 months. Each employee is equipped with a tablet for work-related activities. In the course of time, managing the devices remotely became a tedious process. Since the employees keep travelling frequently to multiple locations, tracking the device’s location was troublesome. Hence, a device management solution became a prime necessity.

“We are an organization that works on many remote projects and many of our team members work remotely. We needed to monitor certain devices from remote locations.”

Emily Sanner

Owner/IT Specialist at Sanner IT, LLC.

Sanner IT, LLC. case study
Sanner IT, LLC. case study with Hexnode

Emily Sanner, the Owner/IT Specialist at Sanner IT, LLC. was in-charge of monitoring the tablets remotely. The company runs a customer feedback survey software in these devices. The attendees could submit their feedback using this software. Emily wanted to remotely monitor the devices placed in different locations which kept changing every few months. She looked for a mechanism that could lock the devices to a specific application. A colleague of Emily recommended Hexnode for solving the problems they were facing.

“Hexnode has the flexibility that we needed around managing multiple types of devices.”

Emily Sanner

Owner/IT Specialist at Sanner IT, LLC.

Hexnode case study on Sanner IT, LLC.

The tablets deployed to the team used Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution that restricted access to unnecessary applications/websites during work hours. The devices were locked down to a particular URL and used solely for the intended purpose. Hexnode’s remote management solution helped Emily to monitor the devices and instantly update settings, put up new survey questions and alter the already existing ones. Tracking the real-time location of the managed devices was simple. She could easily control the devices herself with Hexnode’s user-friendly interface. It was even possible to restart and broadcast messages remotely.

The ability to monitor devices remotely and lock down the devices to specific applications were the major features used by Emily. She could watch the live survey screen of the devices remotely with the help of Hexnode. She didn’t have to travel long distances to get feedbacks or troubleshoot issues which in turn reduced the travel expenses to a great extent. Every update pushed to the devices via the Hexnode portal quickly reflected on the device end. The wait time was almost nil. Moreover, the support team was fabulous in assisting Emily implement the product effortlessly.

“The fact that your support level is so comprehensive really makes that kind of a tool I think accessible for people at a lot of different level of use...I’d absolutely recommend it.”

Emily Sanner

Owner/IT Specialist at Sanner IT, LLC.

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped Sanner IT, LLC. lockdown devices to a particular URL and monitor the managed devices remotely which were distributed to the employees residing in various locations. Emily could easily alter and update the survey questions whenever necessary. She no longer had to travel across the globe to manage the devices which helped reduce travel expenses to a great extent. Moreover, she could easily track the device’s location in no time. As soon as the configurations were pushed from the portal, the updates got reflected on the managed devices real quick. Thousands of dollars were saved with the help of Hexnode.