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The story of Oakwood Transport

Enhancing productivity with remote management functionalities from Hexnode

With Rob Hessler | IT Manager, Oakwood Transport


“We find it easier to use on a daily basis and Hexnode has all the features that we require”




Ontario, Canada


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The story

Oakwood Transport is a transportation company that specializes in vehicle relocation and auto carrier manufacturing/repairs. The company has been offering carrier services across Canada and US since 1993. They possess robust trailers that are capable to move cars, boats, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans, RVs and even inoperable vehicles. Oakwood has a fleet of professional company drivers and operators, with years of experience in cross-border shipments. They also deliver the vehicles to the port and arrange the freight forwarding procedures for overseas shipments. Oakwood is the approved carrier for companies like Chrysler, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Audi and Volkswagen. The company is both a Canada and US Customs Bonded Carrier.

Oakwood Transport has a team of highly trained drivers who safely carry the vehicles in auto carriers built within the company. They engage in transporting brand new vehicles from their production source to the target destination. Not only do they deliver brand new vehicles but also specialize in shifting inoperable, damaged vehicles. Open as well as closed carriers are used for shipment. Safe shipment is the prime concern of the company.

The company makes use of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) for logging purposes. It serves as a logbook that records the driving hours, miles covered, driver’s hours of service, date, time, geographic location and many more. This system replaces the traditional pen and paper form of maintaining records. The company employs Android tablets that runs an application to carry out data recording process and is placed in the auto carriers. Rob Hessler, the IT Manager at Oakwood Transport, says he faced much difficulties in managing the devices. As the auto carriers covered the whole of Canada and US, it would often take several days for the carriers to return back to the yard. This made device management a more hectic task.

Rob looked for a solution that could remotely manage the tablets and monitor them internally. That was when he discovered Mobile Device Management (MDM) software. Initially he tried out other MDM software but could not reproduce the desired results. Hexnode was the solution that fulfilled all the requirements put forward by the team. The primary requirements of the team were: lockdown the tablets to run a single application and remotely clear app cache. Hexnode rightly assisted Rob to carry out the process.

“We can definitely resolve problems remotely now, before we had to wait for the devices to come back to the yard.”

Rob Hessler

IT Manager at Oakwood Transport

Oakwood Transport case study

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution allowed the team to lockdown the devices to a single application (the application used for log recording) which prevented access to all other applications. The single app kiosk mode from Hexnode locks the devices to a restrictive ecosystem that renders access only to a single application. This ensured that the devices are used only for the intended purpose.

Apart from locking down the devices to a single application, the team wished to remotely manage the devices; primarily clear app caches. Clearing app cache was indeed one of the major requirements of the team which was promptly addressed by Hexnode. As the transport trucks travelled all across Canada and US, waiting till they returned to the yards to manage the devices was not a productive option. This made Rob choose Hexnode for remote device management. Hexnode provided every functionality that allowed the team to selectively restrict or grant access to device features. The team was happy with the services offered by Hexnode.

“We wanted something that would easily run one app in kiosk mode and also give us the ability to clear the app cache remotely if needed.”

Rob Hessler

IT Manager at Oakwood Transport

Oakwood Transport case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Oakwood Transport

Rob and his team had an amazing experience with Hexnode. They could meet all their requirements from a single console. The ability to remotely manage the devices greatly saved much of their productive time. The kiosk lockdown solution ensured that the devices are not misused, and the desired purpose is accomplished. Moreover, the all-time active customer support service offered by Hexnode added on to its excellence. The team received timely response to every query and active assistance for ease of implementation.

“The online chat was very responsive and whenever we needed a call back it was usually very timely.”

Rob Hessler

IT Manager at Oakwood Transport

In a nutshell

Rob Hessler had a wonderful experience with Hexnode. The team could easily manage the devices in no time. They could monitor the devices remotely and solve problems without the devices in hand. Locking down the devices in kiosk mode helped the team to run the desired application and hence save productive hours. The overall engagement with Hexnode indeed enhanced the productivity to a great extent. Rob very well recommends the software to other corporates and industrialists.