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The story of Trainspot

Remotely managing event-based operations in real-time with Hexnode UEM

With Malik Kusters | Founder and Managing Partner at Trainspot


“Hexnode is much simpler than the other MDMs that we’ve used”


Marketing and Advertising


Taito-ku, Tokyo


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The story

Trainspot is a Tokyo based creative marketing and advertising agency. By offering specialized services in web/print design, video creation, event management, and integrated communication, the company builds a strong brand strategy. Trainspot has been organizing a big event, named Belgian Beer Weekend (BBW), since 2010. The event that initially started with 15,000 visitors in Tokyo has increased more than tenfold to 2,00,000 visitors, spanning multiple cities.

Malik Kusters, Founder and Managing Partner at Trainspot, and his IT team purchased and distributed Android tablets to the staff members, spread across a large geographic area at the event venue. Trainspot has developed its own cashing system, access control system, and staff management system. However, the IT team needed to build a robust strategy to deploy and manage these software entities. Their extensive search for finding a device management tool, masterly designed to keep their tablets up to date and maintain regulatory compliance with the corporate policies, ended up with the deployment of Hexnode UEM within their organization.

“The user-friendly interface of Hexnode UEM made its initial deployment quite straightforward”

Malik Kusters

Founder and Managing Partner at Trainspot

trainspot case study

Malik and his IT team implemented Hexnode UEM in their organization with the primary intention of distributing apps seamlessly to the devices. With Hexnode, the team was able to install/ uninstall store apps as well as in-house apps to the devices remotely. The other app management features include app black/whitelisting, mandatory apps configuration, creation of enterprise app catalogs, and more. App blacklisting prevents users from accessing those apps on the devices, while app whitelisting denies user access to any other apps except the whitelisted ones. Defining a set of apps as mandatory helps admins to ensure the existence of those apps compulsorily on the devices. Setting up app catalogs with Hexnode enables streamlined app provisioning to distinct groups of target devices.

“Hexnode UEM has helped us save a lot of time by eliminating the need for managing the devices manually”

Malik Kusters

Founder and Managing Partner at Trainspot

trainspot case study with hexnode
hexnode case study on trainspot

Kiosk lockdown solution is the other major feature of Hexnode UEM used by Malik and his team members. The single app and multi-app kiosk solution helped them to increase employee productivity by locking down the devices into a single app or a set of specific apps. In addition to the lockdown mechanism, Hexnode provided various peripheral kiosk settings such as app auto-launch, hiding app icons, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth settings, and much more. The team configured Wi-Fi controls that allowed users to turn Wi-Fi on/off, connect and switch between available networks, add hidden networks, delete configured networks while in kiosk mode.

“Hexnode is much simpler than the other MDMs that we’ve used”

Malik Kusters

Founder and Managing Partner at Trainspot

In a nutshell

Hexnode enabled Malik and his team to deploy and manage their tablets with more control and flexibility. The easy-to-use framework of Hexnode helped them quickly get started with the initial stages of implementation. On realizing that Hexnode UEM best suits their requirements, they planned to switch to it from another MDM suite. As the IT administrator of the company, Malik traced a lot of improvement and time reduction in the business processes after the implementation of Hexnode in their organization. By enforcing various restrictions and configurations on the mobile devices across the corporate network, Hexnode UEM helped the IT team to minimize the likely security breaches and device maintenance costs associated with their organization.