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The story of D’hondt Interieur

Managing mobility in interior design business activities with the best-in-class UEM

With Stefan Versmessen | IT Administrator at D’hondt Interieur


“The pricing is good... The service is good... I totally love Hexnode UEM”






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The story

D'hondt Interieur is a manufacturer of doors, stairs, parquet, cupboards, walls, ceilings, etc. The company has been serving the industry for over 100 years of traditions of craftsmanship. Their specialized products include rural, modern or retro designs in wood, metal or glass, and many more. The professional advisors and other business experts of the organization put in relentless effort to build a stream of happy and satisfied customers.

The company purchased some Samsung tablets and distributed them to the employees. The employees were instructed to use these devices solely for showcasing the company products to the customers. On noticing the employees using the tablets for non-business activities, Stefan Versmessen, IT Administrator at D’hondt Interieur, set off in search of a Mobile Device Management solution. Stefan found Hexnode UEM through internet research. The availability of all the required features and many other advanced security options bundled in an intuitive user interface made Stefan want to choose Hexnode over “other” UEMs.

“The pricing is good... The service is good... I totally love Hexnode UEM”

Stefan Versmessen

IT Administrator at D’hondt Interieur

dhondt interieur case study with hexnode

Hexnode enabled Stefan to import his Active Directory into the UEM console and associate all the corporate restrictions and configurations to the users, groups, or organizational units. Using Hexnode UEM, Stefan configured LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) that helped him access the AD content seamlessly. He utilized the reporting feature to generate reports based on all AD users and the enrollment status of the devices associated with them. The configuration of Active Directory with Hexnode also helped Stefan to obtain user-based data such as username, password, and device id, from Active Directory, dynamically using wildcards. Stefan used the kiosk lockdown from Hexnode to restrict the tablets into a specific set of applications. By associating the single app kiosk policy to the devices, Stefan locked down the devices to a single application. When it is required to have multiple apps on the devices, he used the multi-app kiosk option to do the same.

“...We are very happy and satisfied with the services of Hexnode”

Stefan Versmessen

IT Administrator at D’hondt Interieur

hexnode case study on dhondt interieur

With Hexnode, Stefan whitelisted some applications to prevent user access to all the apps on the devices except the whitelisted ones. Hexnode also offered app blacklisting through which he blocked user access to all the apps added to the blacklist. Before the implementation of UEM in the company, Stefan had to install the APK files to the target devices manually. Nevertheless, Hexnode helped him to easily push an APK file from the MDM console to multiple devices simultaneously.

“The help desk of Hexnode UEM is very very good... I always get answers to my queries within a short period of time”

Stefan Versmessen

IT Administrator at D’hondt Interieur

In a nutshell

The initial deployment stage of Hexnode had been seamless for Stefan so that he was able to implement the MDM in their organization without much effort. By eliminating the need for manually managing the devices, Hexnode UEM helped him save his time for executing other significant business activities. According to Stefan, Hexnode was always there to lend a helping hand, when the organization had to deal with any trouble regarding the configuration and management of the devices. With the availability of an extensive set of sophisticated features and incredible levels of customer support, D’hondt Interieur continues to pursue the journey with Hexnode UEM that had begun two years ago.