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The story of iTech

Witnessing a stellar hike in corporate productivity and overall device security with Hexnode

With Michael Bonafede | IT Specialist at iTech


“Of all the company I ever had to do tech support with, you' all have a very good's way lot important to me...”




Texas, US



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The story

iTech is a consulting company operating from Texas, United States that offer high-grade IT services and support to corporates across the globe. They render technical support to various industries irrespective of the geographic boundaries. R.E.C Industries is one of their dedicated clients that specializes in offering heating/ventilation/air conditioning/refrigeration installation, service and maintenance to commercial and residential customers across Bryan/College Station, Texas and the surrounding areas. The company relies on iTech for expert advices on IT solutions and services.

The company deployed the MDM software for a dedicated client (R.E.C Industries) who were in dire need of a solution to manage their corporate tablets. These tablets were used as a logbook to record the work time of employees operating from outside the office premises. The client company, being a construction firm, could not restrict the employees to operate from within the office premises. Hence, a digitization became an essential requirement. Managing the tablets manually wasn’t a productive option as it took a lot of time and the device security turned out to be major concern. Michael Bonafede, the IT Specialist at iTech, looked for a suitable MDM solution and found Hexnode.

Michael was greatly impressed with what Hexnode offered. He quickly signed up for the free trial and after a mere trial experience, he decided to move forward with Hexnode. He suggested Hexnode to his clients and they readily agreed to onboard the MDM solution. The major requirement of the client company was to lock down the tablets to a custom application and prevent unauthorized usage. Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution served the purpose with a set of additional functionalities ensuring device security.

“I am happy with your service...I can set up the tablets within less than say ten minutes instead of spending hours...”

Michael Bonafede

IT Specialist at iTech

iTech case study
Hexnode case study iTech

Hexnode’s kiosk solution helps the admin to lockdown the tablets to a single or multiple application as per the requirement. The device displays only the specific application, leaving no room for unauthorized usage. A set of advanced kiosk functionalities helps the admin to specifically customize the device settings for additional security. Once locked in kiosk mode, only the admin can unlock the device from kiosk mode with the help of a kiosk exit password. Locking the devices in kiosk mode ensured utmost security for the tablets and the team had no worry of the devices being manipulated by the employees.

“It's useful as I can see where the devices are...especially if they get lost.”

Michael Bonafede

IT Specialist at iTech

iTech case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on iTech

Hexnode’s simple and user-friendly interface made the onboarding process easy and productive. Michael could quickly set up the tablets on behalf of the client company without any additional effort. He could remotely monitor the devices from the Hexnode console. Hexnode helped him keep track of the devices and keep a check on the device’s status. Above all, Hexnode’s technical support team, with their timely responses, made the implementation process a lot easier. Michael was greatly impressed with the kind of support the team had rendered.

“Your support is excellent...and that's good and I appreciate that...”

Michael Bonafede

IT Specialist at iTech

In a nutshell

Hexnode became a perfect solution for managing the corporate tablets remotely and ensuring utmost security for the devices. With the kiosk lockdown solution, the admin could lock the tablets to the custom application thus ensuring that the tablets could be used only for the intended purpose. The tablets could also be remotely tracked to ensure their safe usage. Michael received all the essential functionalities in a single solution at a reasonable price range. The simple user interface helped him setup the tablets without wasting much of his precious work hours which in turn boosted the overall productivity.