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The story of EKHAA

Blocking non-productive apps and websites for better employee productivity with Hexnode

With Yaser Abdulrahman | System Analyst at EKHAA


“Hexnode is actually super easy and super clear to use...It wasn’t hard at all.”




Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


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The story

Founded in 1424, EKHAA is a charitable non-profit organization for orphan care in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The organization works towards achieving social and life stability for orphans. They nurture the psychological and social health of the orphans with the utmost care. EKHAA also helps in building social and financial independence, which is a crucial factor in their lives.

The organization wanted to digitally keep records of the donations offered by people. Hence, the employees of EKHAA were provided with iPads for storing important records. Information such as name, phone number, location, etc was registered on their official website with the help of the iPads. Yaser Abdulrahman, the System Analyst at EKHAA, wanted to remotely control and manage the iPads in an efficient manner. He wanted to make sure that the iPads are used only for the intended purpose. As he had no previous experience of using an MDM solution, he was careful in handpicking the solution suitable for managing the organization-owned iPads. Yaser searched for the best MDM solution on Google for his use-case and rightly found Hexnode. Hexnode proved to be the standout option in the market with its top ratings and excellent reviews.

“There were many MDM solutions but none as good as Hexnode.”

Yaser Abdulrahman

System Analyst at EKHAA

EKHAA case study
EKHAA case study with Hexnode

Hexnode’s lockdown solution helped Yaser lock down the iPads to only the essential website. The solution restricted the users from accessing other websites which weren’t work related. Hexnode’s kiosk browser provides single-tabbed and multi-tabbed functionality. The single-tab launches web apps while hiding the address bar. It prevents switching between the browser tabs and thus blocks access to unwanted websites. In the case of multi-tab, the users can browse both the web apps and the unrestricted websites on multiple tabs. Besides ensuring the utmost security, the data usage and device locations could be tracked instantly whenever required. The activity status of the device could also be determined from the Hexnode dashboard.

“Hexnode helped in blocking usage of any other website except our organizations website and that's the most important feature for us.”

Yaser Abdulrahman

System Analyst at EKHAA

Hexnode case study on EKHAA
Hexnode case study EKHAA

Hexnode enabled Yaser to remotely push and update apps on the iPads. He could manage and control all the functionalities from a single console which saved a significant amount of time. He could view the last login time and duration of the devices to make sure it’s used efficiently to record the essential information.

“I'm actually recommending my family now to use it for their children to prevent them from using the iPad too much. I actually like it so much.”

Yaser Abdulrahman

System Analyst at EKHAA

Hexnode provided great management capabilities for multiple devices with no complexity and the user-friendly UI was top-notch. The reasonable price range made it easy for the company to choose Hexnode. Nevertheless, the management of the iPads became more efficient now than ever before.

In a nutshell

EKHAA implemented Hexnode for locking down the iPads to only work-related apps and websites. The apps were pushed remotely to all the iPads from a single console. The device login details could be extracted from the Hexnode portal whenever necessary along with useful features such as device status, battery percentage, etc. Moreover, Yaser was impressed with the brilliant support he received throughout the implementation phase and feels more than happy in recommending Hexnode to people in need of an MDM solution.