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“When I got stuck in between the implementation, I got in touch with the support and they have been more than helpful...and the documentation is pretty good.”


Mental Health Care


New Mexico, US


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The story

Life Link Training Institute (LLTI), founded in 2003, offers top-grade training in substance abuse and mental health professionals. A non-profit organization located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, LLTI focuses on disseminating evidence-based treatments in the behavioral health field. A wide range of training services such as community reinforcement approach (CRA), mental health first aid (MHFA), motivational interviewing (MI), community reinforcement and family training (CRAFT), cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and much more is offered to mental health and substance abuse counsellors and social workers. Training is offered within Santa Fe as well as nationally and internationally.

LLTI in regards to the COVID-19 outbreak coordinated with FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to offer uninterrupted training services to decrease anxiety through education. The joined hands with FEMA to provide support services to people experiencing challenges due to the pandemic. They made use of iPads to record essential information about the people residing in hotels and nearby localities. Raymond D. Anderson, the Director of Training at Life Link Training Institute, felt the need for a solution to smartly manage and control the iPads. He started looking for an apt option on the internet and after some dedicated research, he found Hexnode which served all the requirements.

“I was looking for something that was a little bit easier to use and so I did some research and eventually landed with Hexnode.”

Raymond D. Anderson

Director of Training at LLTI

Life Link Training Institute case study
Life Link Training Institute case study with Hexnode

Raymond was greatly impressed with the rich set of functionalities Hexnode offered. He could easily manage the corporate iPads and configure all the essential device settings directly from the MDM console. The iPads could be evenly configured and controlled without spending much of the productive work hours. However, an elaborate set of pricing tiers became the star of them all. Hexnode offers both monthly and annual subscription options with a diverse pricing range that suits the needs of a varied customer base.

“It was at the right price point. It offered what we needed...I am glad that Hexnode has the flexibility to reach out to folks that need different configurations.”

Raymond D. Anderson

Director of Training at LLTI

Hexnode case study on Life Link Training Institute
Hexnode case study Life Link Training Institute

Hexnode’s user friendly product interface added on to its excellence and enhanced the decision process. Raymond could easily navigate through the dashboard and assign the essential configurations to the devices. The simple and intuitive interface helped him check on the device status and device activities. He could also keep track of the device location and ensure they aren’t used for non-work purposes.

Raymond could successfully deploy all the devices with Hexnode and helped him serve the purpose of device deployment. He could easily onboard all the iPads without putting in much effort. The technical support team guided him throughout the implementation process whenever required. He was greatly impressed by the fact that he was assisted by the same person every time he approached the team regarding any concern so he did not have to explain the whole scenario repeatedly. Moreover, the Hexnode knowledge base was more than enough for him to carry out the implementation single-handedly which boosted the process. Raymond rates Hexnode with a stellar 10/10 score for its exceptional services.

“With Hexnode, there is a cluster of help desk people and so that is kind of conserving to be able to get in touch with the same people. I really like that idea.”

Raymond D. Anderson

Director of Training at LLTI

In a nutshell

Hexnode greatly met the purpose of deploying iPads in Life Link Training Institute. It helped the team to smartly manage the iPads used for collecting essential information of residents and provide them with necessary guidance to fight anxiety and depression during COVID-19. The simple user interface allowed him to quickly configure the essential settings for productively using the devices for the intended purpose. The elaborate knowledge base from Hexnode helped him quickly onboard the iPads and the tech support team with their timely responses guided him whenever in need. The overall experience with Hexnode was highly valuable for Raymond and his team at LLTI and he surely recommends Hexnode to everyone in need of a reliable MDM solution.