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The story of MAOF

Rendering effective device management functionalities for intuitive device control with Hexnode

With Moises Jimenez Jr | System Administrator at MAOF


“Easy to use and the customer support is always there to help you out... it's a very easy setup”


Non-Profit Organization Management


California, US


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The story

Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) is a renowned non-profit organization established in 1963 to serve individuals and families that suffer from poverty and belong to the lower income community. MAOF is the largest Latino-oriented, family services organization in the United States that renders high quality social services to the needy across the northern and southern regions of California. They concentrate in enhancing and delivering primary education, better living standards, and innovate culture. As the premier provider of comprehensive human services, MAOF extends its core programs to meet family group needs, contributing to a vibrant and self-sufficient population.

The managing wing at MAOF purchased a set of corporate iOS devices to simplify the record-keeping process and enhance digital workforce. They used these devices to keep record of the resident information and strategize the development operations. Managing a large number of devices eventually became a tedious task for the team at MAOF. Moises Jimenez Jr, the System Administrator at Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF), looked for a suitable option to manage the devices from a single console. As a result of his continuous research, he found that an MDM solution could be the right alternative to meet his requirements.

Moises compared a group of MDM solutions in terms of the supported functionalities and the price range. He finally concluded and was convinced that Hexnode offered every functionality that the team required in a budget-friendly price range. He tried out the free trial version offered by Hexnode which solidified the decision to move forward with Hexnode. Soon after the trial, the team decided to associate with Hexnode for their business operations.

“You guys were available within the price and you allowed management of all devices- Windows, Android, and iOS.”

Moises Jimenez Jr

System Administrator at MAOF

MAOF case study
MAOF case study with Hexnode

Hexnode allowed Moises to easily manage the device which was one of his prime concerns that enhanced the purchase process. The setup process went smoothly and he could onboard all the devices in a considerably less amount of time. Navigating through the Hexnode dashboard was a breeze and he could quickly configure the required settings to the devices.

“It allowed me to manage all the devices much smoothly and easily. We didn't have to spend much time here.”

Moises Jimenez Jr

System Administrator at MAOF

Hexnode case study on MAOF
Hexnode case study MAOF

Hexnode kiosk lockdown solution was yet another highlight to the rich set of functionalities Hexnode offered to the team at MAOF. With the devices locked in kiosk mode, Moises could ensure that the devices are used for the intended purpose and the device settings aren’t manipulated. He could impose a selective control over the devices framing it in a way the team desired them to function. Only an authorized admin could unlock the devices from the kiosk mode by entering an exit password.

“I really enjoy the kiosk mode, that's one of the main configuration setting that we have been using, it allows me to lock down the devices.”

Moises Jimenez Jr

System Administrator at MAOF

Hexnode’s highly intuitive user-interface and rich set of functionalities served as the perfect solution to all the problems faced by the team at MAOF. Moises was highly contended with the services offered by Hexnode. He was greatly impressed with the chat option hosted on the dashboard that helped him connect with the ever-vibrant technical support team at Hexnode. The team with their timely responses helped him with every hurdle during the implementation process.

“I also like that the support is there in the program in a chat window and I can just type in my questions and get a response right away. That part is really convenient, I do like that.”

Moises Jimenez Jr

System Administrator at MAOF

In a nutshell

Moises had a wonderful experience associating with Hexnode. He could seamlessly manage a group of iOS devices used for corporate purposes. He no longer had to individually keep track of the devices as Hexnode helped him control a bulk of iOS devices at once directly from the MDM console. A rich set of functionalities available at a considerably favorable price range made the decision process easy and quick. Moises considers Hexnode the perfect alternative for their device management needs and suggests the software to every other individual in search of an affordable MDM solution.