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The story of Canvas Construction Inc.

Transforming standard tablets into tamper-proof work devices with Hexnode

With Lupe Elisea, IT Manager at Canvas Construction Inc.




San Francisco



The integration of tablets into the industrial landscape has revolutionized workflows, but it has also introduced several security concerns. Their user-friendly interfaces and portable designs often make them susceptible to threats like theft and misuse. Therefore, organizations must mandate the right set of tools to manage and safeguard these devices effectively. In this case study we will see how Hexnode assisted Canvas Construction in securely deploying their corporate tablets using Hexnode’s comprehensive device management features.


Canvas is a construction robotics company that integrates machine learning for drywall installation at construction sites. Setting new standards in quality, speed, and predictability, Canvas combines the precision of robots with skilled human expertise. This inventive approach has transformed drywall finishing, enhancing the overall project outcomes for their customers.

Challenges Faced

The team at Canvas had deployed a set of Android tablets to be used in correspondence with their drywall patching robots. However, when operating at remote sites, the team encountered difficulties in ensuring if these tablets were exclusively used for work-related purposes. Moreover, troubleshooting the devices from distant locations in case of technical issues proved to be a significant challenge.

Canvas Construction case study

Consideration of MDM solutions

Lupe Elisea, the IT Manager at Canvas Construction, came across Hexnode on Google. Despite having several other MDM options, choosing Hexnode was a no-brainer for Elisea due to its competitive pricing and top-notch features. Elisea was also greatly impressed by the easy setup process; the team quickly became familiar with Hexnode’s interface within a day or so.

Integration of MDM

“...Maintaining consistency between tablets is easy with Hexnode...”

Hexnode helped the team to impose various restrictions and monitor the status of all the devices from a unified interface. As a result, they no longer had to manually keep track of individual devices, saving a significant amount of time that could be used for other essential activities.

The state-of-the-art multi-app kiosk mode enabled the team to restrict the devices to a few control applications required to run the robots. This limited other device functions and ensured the devices were solely used for work-related purposes. Moreover, Hexnode also allowed Elisea to customize the kiosk interface. She could easily enlarge app icons and customize grid options depending on the number of apps needed on the device. This provided an easy interface for their workers to operate the robots.

Besides using the lockdown solution, Elisea also took advantage of a few other features offered by Hexnode. For instance, the remote view and control feature enabled Elisea to access their device screens from afar and diagnose issues without physically being present on the site. Other features, like setting an always-on screen and default volume options, allowed Elisea to turn their regular tablets into secure, industry-ready work devices.

Canvas Construction case study with Hexnode

Implementation and Results

“...It works just as advertised. Try it out and I am sure it’ll get the job done...”

Opting for Hexnode has been a remarkable experience for the team at Canvas. Securing their devices and robotic equipments was no longer a task worth stressing over.


Overall, Hexnode turned out to be the perfect tool for Canvas Construction to manage and secure its fleet of Android tablets. The easy-to-use kiosk mode and remote view features allowed the team to exercise equal control on all their devices without physical access. Implementation of Hexnode has significantly increased work productivity and saved the team from a lot of unnecessary expenditures.