The story of McDonald York

Improving day-to-day work using managed tablets for on-field employees with Hexnode

With Nathan Swiggett, Senior Project Manager at McDonald York


“I'm not an IT guy by any means but it was easy enough for me to get things set up and use...I think the ease of using Hexnode was really simple”






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The story

McDonald York Building Company is a US-based construction company since 1910 that provides services from scratch to post-construction works. They offer services in different sectors such as healthcare, retail, office buildings, interiors, etc. Estimating budget, value analysis and schedule planning are few of the core pre-construction highlights. During the construction phase, they make sure the expenses stay well within the budget. Maintaining accurate timeline schedules, providing safety and quality assurance are amongst the other major services offered by the team. The company makes sure they minimize the punch lists and finish the planned projects on time with utmost perfection.

Some of the employees in the company spend many hours working on-field. They needed tablets to portray the digitized version of their projects and to operate the day-to-day schedules easily. To simplify the process, the company purchased Android tablets and distributed them to the employees. These tablets were meant for work-related activities. The company also wanted to make sure that the devices were used in a productive manner.

“ We wanted to make sure that these things are being used as productive as they possibly can. So, we needed to limit the applications that they can download.”

Nathan Swiggett

Senior Project Manager at McDonald York

McDonald York case study

Nathan Swiggett, the Senior Project Manager at McDonald York wanted to lock down the tablets deployed to the employees so they could only use it for work purposes. He also wanted to track the device’s location and the data consumption of each tablet. This made him look for an MDM solution that would offer the required functionalities and ease the implementation process.

After a thorough research on the available MDM solutions in the market, Nathan was impressed with what Hexnode offered. He used the free trial period initially to get to know more about the features and the management capabilities of the product. Later, the technology committee of the company cross-checked their requirements with the features Hexnode provided and finally decided to move forward with the software.

“It's easy for me to manage...I've got a dashboard to go to and see who is using it and who is not. I can check on things.”

Nathan Swiggett

Senior Project Manager at McDonald York

McDonald York case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on McDonald York

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution was a perfect way to restrict the employees from using non-work-related applications. Data usage and device locations could be tracked instantly from a single console whenever required. For instance, if an employee misplaced his/her device, finding it was no big deal with Hexnode. The activity status of the device could also be determined from the Hexnode dashboard.

The pricing range was very reasonable and this was a key factor for opting Hexnode. It was pretty simply to use and had a great UI. The vibrant support team was responsive whenever called upon for any queries. Moreover, Hexnode was a very user-friendly product when compared to other solutions in the market.

“I think the biggest thing is to try it out, once you try it out, you'll see how easy it works and you guys are right there to help with any problems or service ability.”

Nathan Swiggett

Senior Project Manager at McDonald York

In a nutshell

Choosing Hexnode turned out to be one of the best decisions for the team. Implementing Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown feature made sure that the on-field employees could not access the non-work-related applications. A lot of money was saved by setting limits on data usage for managed devices. The company witnessed huge improvement in employee productivity and a substantial decrease in data expenses.