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The story of McClone Construction

Reducing travelling cost and time with Hexnode’s advanced device locating function

With Mitchell McGee | Project Engineer at McClone Construction


“I think Hexnode has a very good balance between intuitive features and configurations... Hexnode stands out very well with its competitors.”




California, US


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The story

McClone Construction, founded in 1975, specializes in structural concrete and concrete formwork. Since their origin, they have completed over 1000 structures across the United States. They provide a number of different construction services such as structural concrete formwork and packages, design-build parking structures, and multi-storey structural concrete frames. The company maintains an outstanding reputation for safety, quality, integrity, and performance and continues to expand their operations for better client services.

The company employs field workers who serve from construction sites. They serve from multiple job locations and often have to travel to different locations during work hours. These employees are provided with iPads that store useful utility information. Managing the iPads and troubleshooting issues remotely became a difficult task for the team at McClone Construction. Mitchell McGee, the Project Engineer at McClone Construction, decided to simplify device management with the help of an MDM solution.

Mitchell carried out a dedicated research and comparison over the internet and finally found Hexnode. Mitchell was in search of a budget-friendly software that had a simple and intuitive UI and Hexnode became the perfect choice. Mitchell quickly tried out the free trial version of Hexnode and soon after the trial, he moved forward with the purchase.

“The biggest thing is the UI being very intuitive and you guys are powerful with the price point that is, a good price point.”

Mitchell McGee

Project Engineer at McClone Construction

McClone Construction case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on McClone Construction

Hexnode helped Mitchell to seamlessly distribute essential applications to the iPads. With Hexnode, the admin can distribute multiple applications to the devices at once. By configuring a Hexnode policy with all the required applications and targeting them to the managed devices, the admin can successfully install the apps on to the devices without having to manually initiate installation on each device. This saved much of the productive time and improved corporate productivity.

The location tracking functionality from Hexnode was yet another major reason that strengthened the decision-making process. Mitchell could remotely track and fix the device issues without having to travel to the specific location, saving both travel cost and time. The devices, if lost or misplaced, could now be easily located with Hexnode onboard.

“I find it very useful. It avoids me having to technically explain problems or having to make trips to different locations, I can manage it out from my office.”

Mitchell McGee

Project Engineer at McClone Construction

Hexnode case study with McClone Construction
McClone construction case study on Hexnode

Hexnode served the team with the best combination of features at a reasonable price range. The simple user interface helped Mitchell navigate through the software and deploy the devices easily. The Hexnode support team with their timely responses eased up the deployment process to a great extent. Mitchell received quick responses to all his queries which helped him implement the software productively.

“I have been very happy with the customer service and the response from Hexnode support staff has been very informative and very quick.”

Mitchell McGee

Project Engineer at McClone Construction

In a nutshell

Hexnode became the perfect choice for effective iPad management for the team at McClone Construction. The corporate iPads could now be remotely controlled and deployed with the help of Hexnode. The simple and user-friendly interface eased up the device enrollment process and helped Mitchell rightly assign the configurations to the devices. Mitchell could also track the device’s location in real-time and fix issues productively. With the constant interference of the Hexnode technical support team, controlling and managing the devices became even more easy. Mitchell definitely considers expanding the use of Hexnode for his future endeavors.