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The story of Bua Group

Hexnode substantially raising productivity for industries with its effective remote management solution

With Anna List | Head of Business Support at Bua Group


“We got everything we could have asked for...once we worked on how to lock down it was all good...and you guys are great.”


Marketing and Advertising




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The story

Bua Group is a Marketing company that offers exceptional growth triggering services to clients through their in-house customer acquisition techniques. Headquartered in Richmond, VIC, Australia, the company partners with sporting and community-based organizations to provide extended marketing strategies. They conduct face-to-face marketing campaigns to help their clients exhibit their business stories and share their message to enhance their customer base. The major services offered by the team includes residential marketing, retail events marketing, business-business marketing, and specialty events marketing. With these marketing services, the company aims at helping their clients expand their brand identity across various streams of business.

Bua Group deploys a set of iPads to enhance their business continuity. These iPads are used to conduct face-to-face marketing campaigns with their clients to simplify the business processes. Anna List, the Head of Business Support at Bua Group, wanted to lock down the iPads to a few applications and websites that were specific to the company’s use case. A few of the iPads were placed at distant locations which hindered device management. Hence, she wanted a solution that could remotely keep track of the device’s location and also ensure timely updates.

“We use Hexnode to lockdown the iPads to certain apps, ensure that they are used only for work, keep track of where the iPads are, and update the settings on them remotely.”

Anna List

Head of Business Support at Bua Group

Bua Group case study
Hexnode case study Bua Group

Hexnode was recommended to Anna by a fellow colleague who had used the solution. Upon recommendation, Anna thought of trying out Hexnode and signed up for the free trial. She was greatly impressed with what Hexnode had offered. She found Hexnode to be the perfect solution to all her requirements. Soon after the trial, Anna decided to move forward with Hexnode and purchased the licenses.

“Once we signed up, you guys immediately gave us a call to ensure we know what we are doing.”

Anna List

Head of Business Support at Bua Group

Bua Group case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Bua Group

Hexnode helped Anna to lock down the iPads to a set of useful applications and websites. The kiosk mode allows the admin to lock the devices to a single or multiple application and selectively view them. The admin can also restrict the devices to specific websites and customize the browser tabs according to their requirement. A set of advanced lockdown functionalities ensured that the device settings could be controlled in kiosk mode. Only the admin could unlock the devices from kiosk mode with the help of a kiosk exit password. This ensured additional security to the devices irrespective of their physical location.

The simple and easy to navigate user interface was an additional bonus for the team at Bua Group. They could quickly onboard the devices in no time. All the configurations could be instantly pushed on to the devices from a single console. The devices could be specifically grouped based on their use case and configurations could be assigned to them accordingly. The admin could view the device’s activity status from the Hexnode console and also track the device’s location in real time.

Anna had an amazing experience teaming up with Hexnode. She could now have a control on all the iPads and fixes any concerns remotely. She found Hexnode to be a cost-effective solution in comparison to the other solution she used prior to Hexnode. The customer support team at Hexnode guided her whenever in need and delivered timely responses to her queries which made the implementation process even more easier. Hexnode saved her considerable amount of time and money which she is extremely happy about.

“When we ask questions through group chat, you guys get back to us in a couple of minutes.”

Anna List

Head of Business Support at Bua Group

In a nutshell

Device management with Hexnode turned out to be an extremely cost-effective solution for Anna and her team at Bua Group. She could now effortlessly lock the devices to necessary applications and websites. Whenever needed, she could replace or add other applications without spending much of her productive hours. She could also remotely keep track of the devices and push timely updates in real time. Hexnode proved to be the perfect solution she could have asked for and she happily rates Hexnode a 10/10 score for its exceptional services.