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The story of Biolam Groupe

Biolam fortifies Android device security and enhances device management with Hexnode

With Blanchart Jonathan, IT Director at Biolam Groupe

Blanchart Jonathan

Blanchart Jonathan

IT Director at Biolam Groupe

Blanchart Jonathan

Blanchart Jonathan

IT Director at Biolam Groupe




Amiens, France



As businesses increasingly recognize the need to safeguard sensitive information, streamline workflows, and maintain regulatory compliance, the importance of employing the right tools for device management becomes paramount. Our case study explores the transformative journey of Biolam from manual device oversight to a more streamlined, secure, and efficient approach, all made possible by the adoption of Hexnode UEM for managing Biolam’s Android devices.


Based in Amiens, France, and founded in 2000, Biolam Groupe, also known as Biolam Laboratory, functions as a clinical testing laboratory. They are a chain of laboratories offering services such as medical analysis, screening for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), blood tests, and various biological analyses.

Challenges faced

Before adopting a UEM solution, the Biolam IT team had to manually configure and manage their devices. The status of each device was then recorded in Excel sheets, which proved to be a cumbersome process, consuming a significant amount of the team's productive time. They soon realized that this process of managing their devices was no longer practical.

Biolam Groupe case study

Consideration of MDM solutions

“... The price and ease of use is what made us choose Hexnode UEM...”

Blanchart Jonathan, IT Director at Biolam, came across Hexnode on Google during his search for a UEM solution. Despite having a few other options alongside, he states that the competitive pricing and user-friendly interface were some of the factors that prompted him to move forward with Hexnode.

Integration of Hexnode

The team at Biolam had deployed a bunch of corporate Samsung smartphones to cater to their bio-medical needs. They needed to manage the applications in these devices remotely.

With Hexnode's application management feature, Jonathan could seamlessly control accessibility to individual apps within his devices. IT Admins could either block specific apps that would affect productivity (blocklist) or allow only a few specific apps to be used in the device (allowlist).

Moreover, by enrolling the devices using the Android Enterprise and Samsung Knox enrollment program, Jonathan could silently install or uninstall apps remotely from any given location without end-user consent. Jonathan could also mandate certain essential apps, requiring them to always be present on the managed device; failing which, the devices would automatically be marked non-compliant. This ensured that all the necessary apps were functioning as they should, and that the device had not been tampered with.

Jonathan also had a 360-degree view of all his devices using Hexnode's intuitive dashboard. This provided him with vital endpoint information, such as the number of devices that were not encrypted, devices without passwords, device location history, etc. Jonathan was truly impressed by the fact that all these details were readily available within the unified dashboard.

Biolam Groupe case study with Hexnode

Implementation and Results

“... I was looking for a solution...and Hexnode just suited very well...”

According to the team at Biolam, the investment in Hexnode was a worthwhile experience. Jonathan and his team were fascinated by the way Hexnode simplified device management. With little training, the IT team at Biolam was able to master the art of device management with Hexnode and now has one less thing to worry about.


From the outset, opting for Hexnode has brought about a significant advancement in the way Biolam managed its mobile devices. They can now effectively take control of their device fleet from a single portal, saving them time that was previously spent on the manual configuration of devices. Streamlined app management capabilities and flawless monitoring of their devices through Hexnode paved the way for a foolproof device management strategy for the team at Biolam.