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The story of Pathways

Compiling valuable insights made easier with advanced digital kiosks from Hexnode

With Kathleen Donovan, Director Technology & Communications at Pathways


“Your support staff was really helpful... I was impressed with that level of service. So, I just stuck with them... and the pricing was good.”






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The story

Pathways Transition Programs, Inc. is a private mental health organization offering services since 1991. They provide a comprehensive array of assessment and therapy services for children, teens, adults, and families in over 20 north-central Georgia counties. Pathways offer therapeutic and psycho-educational services that support change and growth in addition to building resilience and coping skills. Their main goal is to comprehend the psychological needs of children and to correct questionable behaviours. They have consistently been at the top of the Georgia Collaborative ASO’s (Administrative Services Organization) scale, which is computed every year to make sure that children and their families receive the quality services they deserve.

Pathways offer tablets running a feedback software to gain visitor responses for their services. The tablets are equipped with selected games approved by the organization to keep the kids accompanying their parents/siblings occupied. Being a Medicaid agency, collecting feedback from their clients is obligatory. Kathleen Donovan, the Director Technology & Communications at Pathways, was in search for an easy way to help the clients submit their feedbacks online. Since most of their clientele were Medicaid (an assistance program that offers health or nursing home coverage to people with limited income and resources), the chances of them owning computers or smartphones were very low. Hence, Pathways offered such families an opportunity to submit their feedback while they were in the office.

“...We just wanted to give them a few safe games to play and so that's why we started looking around for a solution like what Hexnode offered...”

Kathleen Donovan

Director Technology & Communications at Pathways

Pathways case study
Pathways case study with Hexnode

Kathleen was looking for an MDM solution that would help them lockdown the Android tablets to a single URL (the feedback survey URL). She also wanted to ensure that the kids do not manipulate the managed devices. A device management software was a necessity to monitor the kid’s activity and also to lockdown the feedback tablets to the website. A thorough research on Google brought them to Hexnode. Kathleen and her team had used another MDM in the past but found that it lacked the features that Hexnode provided.

With Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution, she could lockdown the devices to a particular set of apps. Using the multi-app kiosk functionality, they could push the necessary games into the tablet and ensure that it would not be used for any other purposes. Likewise, in the feedback tablets, single app kiosk mode helped them to lockdown the device to a single application further preventing the access to all other applications on the device. The clients who came in for therapy could only access the Pathways website and complete the surveys through the associated URLs.

“... I do think that the other solution is easier to use but it also doesn't offer many of the features that yours offered...”

Kathleen Donovan

Director Technology & Communications at Pathways

Hexnode case study on Pathways

Kathleen was very impressed with the customer support team and happily recommends Hexnode to others. She could easily manage the tablet configurations both for surveys and gaming with the help of the Hexnode support service. The kiosk lockdown solution from Hexnode ensured that the survey tablets were used for the intended purpose. Hence, the devices could only run the applications deployed by the organization. They could also easily install apps and push app updates without exiting from the kiosk mode. Kathleen found Hexnode to be the perfect solution for all their requirements. With the advanced kiosk settings, they could control the device settings thus ensuring that the kids could not alter the device configurations. Hexnode’s robust solution helped them to manage their devices to their full capacity.

“...The kiosk part of it was not the easiest setup ...again your customer support was so good that it didn't really matter know you were able to get it done for us.”

Kathleen Donovan

Director Technology & Communications at Pathways

In a nutshell

Pathways Transition Programs, Inc. could manage and secure their tablets efficiently with the kiosk lockdown solution from Hexnode. Kathleen was able to monitor the devices and restrict them to required applications thus ensuring the security of the tablets, all these within a reasonable price range. She would happily recommend Hexnode to anyone who asks for it. The quick responses from the tech support team throughout the implementation process really impressed her. Hexnode’s feature-rich platform helped Pathways fulfill their device management needs and hence, they could happily move forward with the solution.