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The story of AM Group

Implementing digital signage solution in restaurants with Hexnode

With William Mutraji | IT Manager at AM Group


“Your product was really really good for the price...your support was awesome...really helpful people”


IT Services


Connecticut, US


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The story

AM Group is an IT services company headquartered in Connecticut, US that offers end-to-end business solutions and consulting services to industries requiring technological assistance. They help businesses digitize their work patterns by incorporating technologically sound resources. Their primary service is spread throughout accounting, construction, and business management sectors. They offer support to restaurant and construction firms to adopt technological advancements into their business. Their services also expand to providing assistance in strategy and planning, audit and evaluation, payroll management, etc.

The company with its widespread involvement in assisting multiple industries went forward with distributing Android devices to their restaurant clients to help them display the food menu on the devices. The devices held their custom-built application which was developed to display the food menu, special offers and details specific to the client. This application was also to be functioned on huge display screens for better visibility. The team needed a solution to ensure secure management of the devices and enforce selective control over them. William Mutraji, the IT Manager at AM Group, started looking for a reliable MDM solution to satisfy his requirements. He found Hexnode after a dedicated research over the internet and was greatly impressed with the functionalities Hexnode offered.

William tried out Hexnode's free trial version and found the solution to all his requirements in it. He could easily navigate through the dashboard and learn the options available without much effort. The fact that Hexnode offers a rich set of functionalities at a reasonable price range boosted the decision process. Soon after the trial period, he signed up with Hexnode for further implementation.

“You had your pricing details straight on your website and that's what encouraged me...I knew what I am getting into.”

William Mutraji

IT Manager at AM Group

AM Group case study
AM Group case study with Hexnode

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution helped William to lock the corporate Android devices to their custom application ensuring utmost security and productivity. He could ensure that the devices are used for the purpose they are deployed for and aren’t used for non-work purposes. He could selectively control the devices to the norms of the organization without physically having the devices in hand. This saved him plentiful of time and travel cost.

“I have the kiosk mode enabled, it kind of helps me push my product and have more control over it especially remotely... so it was helpful.”

William Mutraji

IT Manager at AM Group

Hexnode case study on AM Group
Hexnode case study AM Group

The Hexnode digital signage solution helped him manage the display screens in the restaurants that showcased the potential offers and other related information. He could remotely control the content to be displayed on the screens right from the interface of his PC/laptop. All the essential configurations could be applied on the devices directly from the Hexnode console which eased up device management to a great extent.

Hexnode’s simple and user-friendly interface allowed him to track the devices and retrieve the essential device information whenever required. He could remotely fix any possible issues and readily solve all major concerns. Hexnode’s technical support team guided him throughout the implementation process. Their timely responses to every query put forward saved much of the productive work hours. William happily continues his association with Hexnode to manages his corporate devices efficiently.

“It was not hard to get it because your support was always available whenever I had to chat...they were always there.”

William Mutraji

IT Manager at AM Group

In a nutshell

William used Hexnode to smartly manage the corporate Android devices distributed across the restaurant clients to enhance their business productivity. He used the kiosk lockdown solution and digital signage solution to restrict the devices to their custom application hence ensuring device security and proper usability. The kiosk solution ensured productive usage of the devices and prevented them from being misused. He could also retrieve essential device information directly from the Hexnode console. The Hexnode technical support team with their timely responses helped him troubleshoot possible issues quickly and control the devices to the organization’s benefit.