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Configuring Dock Settings on macOS with Hexnode UEMSolved

1 month ago

Hey, I’m currently exploring ways to personalize the user experience on our organisation’s macOS devices, and I’ve come across the idea of customizing the Dock. I’m seeking some guidance on how to utilize it on all the devices consistently.

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Hexnode Expert
1 month ago
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Hello @chloe Thank you for reaching out to us.

With Hexnode, you have control over most aspects of your Dock’s appearance and behavior, with a bunch of new configurations being added soon. Take a look at the customization options provided by Hexnode.

  • Dock Orientation: Set it up just right, whether you prefer the Dock at the bottom or elsewhere.
  • Disable Dock Orientation: Prevents users from moving the dock position.
  • Automatically hide and show the dock: Keep your screen clutter-free with the option to hide and show the Dock automatically.
  • Disable “Automatically hide and show the dock” checkbox: Disables the Automatically hide and show the Dock check box on the device.
  • Minimize Windows into application icon: Optimize your workspace by minimizing windows into application icons.
  • Enable Magnification: Used to enlarge app icons upon hovering over them.
  • Show indicators for open applications: Shows clear indicators for opened applications with a dot.
  • Animate opening applications: Adds animation when the app launches.
  • Disable animate opening applications checkbox: Disables the Animate opening applications checkbox on the device.
  • Minimize windows using: Choose the visual effects when you minimize the window.
  • Disable “Minimize windows using:” checkbox: Disable the Minimize windows using setting on the device.
  • Dock Size: Adjusts the size of the dock.
  • Disable Dock Size Slider: Prevents adjusting dock size.

To learn more about this, refer to our help documentation regarding the Dock settings. Explore all the configurations offered by Hexnode and select those that best suit your specific needs. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any further queries.



Hazel Smith

Hexnode UEM