Mobility Management

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100% Active Directory Integration

 Forget manually creating user groups according to your organization structure. Hexnode Mobility Management solution delivers true Active Directory integration to import your users, groups and OUs as such from your AD. Your AD structure can be viewed right within Hexnode MDM. You can also schedule a periodic AD sync so changes in your Active Directory will reflect on your Hexnode MDM database as well.
active directory integration

Manage your users, not devices

 When it comes to managing your employee devices, the device-centric approach is not quite effective. You need to have the user above the device and not the other way around. With a strong user-centric architecture, Hexnode MDM lets you set policies for your employees and have them instantly applied to any device they use. You can easily create multi-level user polices according to your organization structure. No more wrestling with absurd device policies.  
user mobility management

Auto scan

 Upon enrollment, Hexnode MDM automatically scans the devices to fetch detailed device information. Periodic device scans are scheduled to ensure nothing slips past the system. You can change the scan frequency or initiate custom scans any time to get the updated device info and settings.
autoscan schedule

Auto compliance

Enjoy real-time visibility and in-depth analytics to sense compliance violations before they happen. Hexnode MDM eliminates the need for a manual compliance check by continuously monitoring your devices for compliance. You receive instant alerts if any device falls out of compliance. Securing non-compliant devices don't get any simpler either. You can view the exact compliance issues and take quick actions to resolve them.
auto compliance

Remote manageability like never before

 Discover true remote management with centralized policy and control across the enterprise. Lock or wipe unsecured devices or clear device passcodes in case a user has been locked out. You can configure device settings and execute management actions remotely on individual devices, on device groups, or on OUs of your choice. Deploying in-house apps and store apps becomes so much easier with dedicated app catalogs and remote installation capabilities.
mobile application management app installation app installation through mdm
Simple , Secure Mobile Device Management!