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The story of SeaSmart AS

Formulating efficient data analysis sources through corporate iPads managed by Hexnode

With Andreas Morland | CEO at SeaSmart AS


“The setup procedure seemed to be very simple... I don't have any negative experiences with Hexnode.”




Norway, Europe


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The story

SeaSmart AS is an aquaculture company that widely supports and promotes data portraying the life under the seas and oceans. They excel in providing essential data regarding the variety of fishes and their living habits, their sustenance, growth and mortality, and related information. The company incorporates drone technology for data collection. They strongly believe that IoT is the future for automated data collection in aquaculture. The prime goal is delivering accurate data with a broad spectrum of measurement and analysis.

The team at SeaSmart AS collects essential data after thorough research and analysis and delivers it to their promising customers in need. This data delivery is carried out in a number of ways- SMS alerts, web interface, and weekly reports. Each of these methods had their own adverse effects in terms of data delivery. The customers often do not go for the web interface as they find it complicated and do not bother to login every time to collect the reports. The SMS alerts fail to deliver the essential information at the right time while the weekly reports often get lost in their inboxes. This led the team to think of deploying iPads that would carry the essential data via a custom application. Manually managing and controlling the iPads was not an easy task though.

Andreas Morland, the Chief Executive Officer at the SeaSmart AS, thought of implementing an MDM solution to ease up the situation. He looked for a number of solutions over the internet and found Hexnode. Hexnode’s rich set of reviews caught his attention amongst the lot. He quickly got in touch with the team at Hexnode and signed up for the free trial. Soon after the trial, he ended up purchasing Hexnode for a long-term engagement.

“We read a number of reviews for definite alternatives and for what we needed it looked like Hexnode was the best option.”

Andreas Morland

Chief Executive Officer at SeaSmart AS

SeaSmart AS case study
Hexnode case study SeaSmart AS

Andreas was greatly impressed with the Hexnode kiosk lockdown solution. The kiosk solution helped him lock down the iPads to specific applications so he could ensure that the iPads are used for the intended purpose. He could set up the device with the desired settings. With kiosk mode active on the devices, no other functionalities (apart from those enabled by the administrator) could be used or manipulated. Only the admin could unlock the device with the kiosk exit password. This ensured total security for the devices against any undesired practices.

The simple setup and user-friendly interface were yet another major highlights Hexnode offered. He could easily setup the iPads and push configurations on them remotely from the tips of his fingers. Any updates or changes in the settings could be applied on the devices without them being physically in hand. In addition, the devices could be remotely traced and their location could be tracked to ensure their whereabouts. The activity status could also be viewed via the Hexnode dashboard which was a plus point for the team.

“I really like the interface that I could see all the devices, I could see when they were last's very easy to use.”

Andreas Morland

Chief Executive Officer at SeaSmart AS

SeaSmart AS case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on SeaSmart AS

Andreas received the solution to all his requirements in a single solution, that too at a budget-friendly price range. He could easily navigate through the interface without any expert assistance as the interface was quite easy to understand. He single-handedly was able to onboard the devices and set up configurations on them without spending much of his productive time. Though the technical support team at Hexnode was all time active to answer any of his queries, if raised, at any time of the day which made the implementation even more effortless.

“I, without any hesitation, would recommend Hexnode...and I have recommended it to people as a possible solution that they should look into further.”

Andreas Morland

Chief Executive Officer at SeaSmart AS

In a nutshell

Andreas had a wonderful experience teaming up with Hexnode. The easy implementation process helped him quickly onboard the devices and get them ready for deployment without wasting much of his essential time. Hexnode helped him to lock down the iPads so he could ensure that they are utilized for work only. He could also remotely administer the necessary configurations and impose control over them to ensure device security. All the essential functionalities were available at a calculated price range hence Hexnode rightly became the best solution for their future ventures.