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The story of Placement Potentiel

Non-profit organization adopts Hexnode as their go-to for securing Android tablets.

With Bonnie Pate, Executive Assistant at Placement Potentiel


Staffing and Recruiting


Québec City, Canada



Ever wondered how enterprises safeguard their devices amidst the rising concerns of theft and misuse? The solution somehow lies in restricting the device functionalities and locking them into a secure state using modern-day device management solutions. In this case study, we will see how Placement Potentiel were able to do just that by securely locking down their fleet of Android tablets using Hexnode’s kiosk feature.


Placement Potentiel is a non-profit organization established in 1980 on the West Island of Montreal. They operate a specialized employment agency, providing competent and trained professionals to various companies to meet their staffing requirements. Additionally, they have a Building Maintenance Division team that offers professional cleaning and janitorial services tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. The unique aspect, however, is that their staffs are qualified candidates who bring diverse abilities to the table. The enterprise aims to provide employment opportunities to differently abled individuals who would otherwise face challenges fitting into the conventional job market.

Challenges Faced

The team at Placement Potentiel purchased a fleet of Android tablets to use as punch clocks to keep track of their employee' work hours. However, these devices were unmanaged and pretty much open to do anything. The team needed an effective MDM solution that could help them securely deploy their tablets and ensure they were used for the intended purposes.

Placement Potentiel case study

Consideration of MDM Solutions

Bonnie Pate, Executive Assistant at Placement Potentiel, came across Hexnode during her research on the internet. Without further ado, she decided to move forward with Hexnode due to the ease of use that it had to offer. Navigating the portal was simple and did not require a dedicated IT team solely for the purpose of managing their devices.

Integration of MDM solutions

“Customer service has been amazingly patient whenever I needed tech support”

Bonnie found Hexnode's customer service to be highly responsive and prompt in addressing any issues she faced during the initial implementation process. Most of her queries were quickly resolved over the phone, and for those who preferred a hands-on approach, Hexnode's dedicated help documentation was always readily available.

Initially, Bonnie was quite concerned about the safety and security of the devices, mainly since they were intended to be installed at remote locations within the premises. However, with Hexnode's single app kiosk mode feature, Bonnie could easily lock down all the tablets to a single application, ensuring that only the punch clock application was functional and restricting all other tablet functions. With this, Bonnie not only alleviated her concerns but also trusted that the devices were used only for their intended purposes.

Furthermore, the remote management feature ensured that Bonnie could always have a bird's eye view of all the devices from a single user interface. Functions like device status and auto-compliance reports provided Bonnie with vital information about the tablets, such as device battery life, available storage, network info, etc. It also alerted Bonnie if any of the devices were inactive or not working as they should.

Hexnode case study with Placement Potentiel

Implementations and Results

“The investment in your product was completely worthwhile.”

Bonnie and the team were extremely satisfied with the features offered by Hexnode UEM. Managing the fleet of tablets was no longer a task worth breaking a sweat for! The seamless integration of Hexnode with their enterprise not only saved them time from manually monitoring their remote devices but also increased the overall work productivity of the employees.


In a nutshell, adopting Hexnode offered the team at Placement Potentiel with a robust device lockdown solution with which they could easily secure their fleet of tablets in no time. The extreme flexibility and cross-platform support also ensured that Bonnie didn't have to worry about modifying her MDM requirements to support new devices in the near future. Overall, Bonnie couldn't be happier with her decision to choose Hexnode, as it turned out to be a key factor in the successful execution of their project.