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The story of DigitalMint

Securing cryptocurrency transactions across the US through corporate iPad POS managed by Hexnode

With Daniel Smith | Technical Operations Lead at DigitalMint


“I think Hexnode is fine, I like it than other alternatives, I tested some other ones. It does the job.”


Financial Services


Illinois, USA


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The story

DigitalMint is a cryptocurrency provider that allows consumers to purchase Bitcoin and cryptocurrency through physical kiosks and teller windows. Headquartered in Chicago Illinois, they allow cryptocurrency transactions at multiple locations across the United States. Their expertise ranges to providing cryptocurrency users with fast and secure transactions. They offer multiple options to consumers to purchase digital currencies such as ATM, teller and bank transfer services.

DigitalMint makes use of iPads as point-of-sale (POS) devices to distribute cryptocurrency across consumers. These POS counters are placed in a common area where anybody can reach out and purchase. The executive team at DigitalMint was concerned about the security and implementation of the POS. With this concern in mind, they started looking for an MDM solution.

Daniel Smith, the Technical Operations Lead at DigitalMint, contacted the Hexnode technical team for a briefing with the software. He made a thorough research on the internet followed by a detailed product comparison before contacting the Hexnode team. A calculated budget and reliability were the two major concerns he had in mind before approaching an MDM software. Hexnode’s simple and straight-forward pricing scheme greatly impressed Daniel.

“The 2 things I look for are per unit cost and reliability and Hexnode has a low per-unit cost.”

Daniel Smith

Technical Operations Lead at DigitalMint

DigitalMint case study
Hexnode case study DigitalMint

Hexnode helped him ensure security for the POS with its intuitive kiosk lockdown solution. The team could easily lock down the iPads to a specific application thus ensuring that they aren’t misused or mishandled. The Hexnode Kiosk solution allows the devices to be locked into a single or multiple application. Locking down the devices in kiosk mode ensures that the devices are used for the intended purpose. The kiosk functionality is coupled with a set of additional features that allows the admin to selectively manipulate the device settings based on the requirement.

Apart from the kiosk functionality, Hexnode helps the team to easily distribute application across multiple POS in no time. Hexnode’s application management solution allows easy distribution of applications in bulk across devices. For generic and supervised devices, the applications get installed without user intervention thus saving a lot of productive time. Setting up app catalogs serve as a custom app store that helps distribute applications to targeted users.

“We use it to apply policy on every iPad and distribute apps”

Daniel Smith

Technical Operations Lead at DigitalMint

DigitalMint case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on DigitalMint

Yet another notable functionality that impressed the team was the distribution of enterprise application. They could easily distribute their custom application onto the iPads at once from a single console. This saved them a lot of time and labor. Prior to implementing Hexnode, the application had to be manually installed on each of the iPads which required a lot of effort. Now with Hexnode onboard, app installation is no more a hefty task.

“It just needs to have intuitive menus and I think it does, some of the menus are quite intuitive.”

Daniel Smith

Technical Operations Lead at DigitalMint

Hexnode, with its rich feature set and affordable pricing, greatly helped the team at DigitalMint to effortless manage the iPads. All the devices could now be centrally viewed and controlled from a single console. Any malpractices, if detected, could be reported and fixed without physically addressing the fixes. The constant support from the Hexnode technical team added on to its excellence. The Hexnode team never failed to follow-up on any queries put forward by Daniel and provided timely responses which helped him easily set up Hexnode on to the devices. Hexnode rightly addressed all their concerns which strengthened their decision to continue with Hexnode.

In a nutshell

Hexnode had a great impact on the team at DigitalMint. They could now easily manage their corporate iPads and lock them to their custom application with Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution. Locking down the devices in kiosk mode ensured security to the iPads and prevented them from unintended usage. The team was able to distribute their custom application onto the iPads at once without investing manual labor with the help of Hexnode. This saved much of the productive time and hence impressed the team. Hexnode’s easy to use interface and top-class functionalities eased their effort to a great extent.