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The story of NCS

Building strong endpoints for improved performance in construction industry with Hexnode

With Chris Robinson | Executive Account Manager at NCS

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Executive Account Manager at NCS

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson

Executive Account Manager at NCS


“It was getting very cumbersome so Hexnode could provide all that we were looking for in an MDM.”




Corcoran, Minnesota


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The story

NCS is a top-class facility service provider geographically sited at Minnesota that deals with the overall maintenance services throughout the entire construction period. The services offered by the company include HVAC, plumbing, electrical, refrigeration, facility maintenance/repairs, and drain cleaning. The company employs a set of highly proficient technicians who quickly diagnose and solve every concern, and ultimately deliver the best of results to their customers. With more than 50 years of successful delivery of maintenance services across the entire state of Minnesota, the company continues to offer the highest range of quality services till date.

Most of the technicians working in NCS are field workers who often had to travel across the state to deliver facility services. The company owned a few Android devices distributed amongst the technicians. These devices contained an application that could record the work timings of the technicians. Moreover, the technicians could also receive their work orders and schedules through the application. The application allowed the technicians to record important details and findings for future reference.

As every technician held a device for their daily work-related needs, the chances of device misuse were certainly very high. Instances of device usage for non-work purposes were also reported quite often. Moreover, having a control on the devices from a distant place in case they faced any issues or problems was not an easy task to handle. This led the team to look for a solution that could allow the administrator to have a control over the devices. Chris Robinson, the Executive Account Manager at NCS, carried out a detailed research that led him to Mobile Device Management solution. His constant and avid search on the solution finally drew him to Hexnode that greatly sorted much of the chaos.

Chris went through several Mobile Device Management software but only Hexnode could completely fulfill his requirements both regarding features and pricing. He could easily manage and control the devices from a distant place, without requiring the devices to be in hand. The easy set up and implementation of Hexnode was something that highly impressed him. One of his major concern was a solution that could allow him to selectively control the devices and apply some basic restrictions on them without requiring them to be locked down in kiosk mode. Hexnode was able to accomplish this requirement put forward by Chris.

“We tested about 3 or 4 different ones and I was the most impressed with what Hexnode had offered compared to the others.”

Chris Robinson

Executive Account Manager at NCS

NCS case study

Hexnode’s seamless deployment process is something which attracted Chris the most. He could easily deploy the devices with the right set of restrictions, all these without wasting much of the productive time. With Hexnode, he could ensure that the devices would only be used for the intended purpose with restrictions selectively applied on the devices. He could remotely monitor and control the devices whenever required. He could not ask for anything more at a perfectly affordable price range.

“It seemed to be in-line with everything we were looking at so wasn't a bargain, but it wasn't expensive either compared to the others.”

Chris Robinson

Executive Account Manager at NCS

NCS case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on NCS

Apart from the restrictions and ease of management, the other major feature that took hold of Chris was location tracking. With location tracking turned on, the administrator could track the device’s location and detect any suspicious actions right from the MDM console. Chris could also push applications on to the managed devices without any user involvement which in turn saved a lot of productive time.

The timely response from the technical support team also had a great impact on the implementation process. The tech team had the precise solutions to all the queries put forward by Chris which also helped him to speed up the process. In short, Chris’s decision to choose Hexnode proved to be his best choice for IT management.

“For the support I needed I appreciate the chat option just because it allows me to do other things while it's going on.”

Chris Robinson

Executive Account Manager at NCS

In a nutshell

Chris had a wonderful experience with Hexnode. Implementing the software on the devices greatly helped him to manage and control them with the right sense of restrictions applied on the devices. He was able to push the apps on to the device at once thus saving a lot of useful time. The location tracking feature also helped him to track the device location so he could remotely keep an eye on them. Hexnode had a tremendous impact on the business process and Chris happily recommends the software to every tech lover all around.