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The story of MyDoorView

Remote troubleshooting in real-time for enhancing technical support with Hexnode

With Jeffrey A Santeramo | CTO and VP at MyDoorView


“I would definitely recommend you product if others check it out...the free trial of features is helpful.”




Georgia, US


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The story

MyDoorView is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly video entry solution that helps to remotely view the guests at your door and unlock the door no matter where you are. With the MyDoorView app installed on the handset, the users can keep a check on the visitors and selectively unlock the door. This app is supported on all major operating systems such as Android, iOS, Widows, and macOS and can be used on any device, be it tablets, computers or smartphones. The solution is specifically designed from the ground up with both property managers and residents in mind.

The MyDoorView app is highly useful when utilized as an access control system in a commercial setting such as multi-unit business offices, multi-family complexes, and apartment buildings. This app ensures security and helps the residents to keep an eye on their property from a distant location. The company has also launched the latest VUE Series Panel that is hosted on Android devices. These panels can be mounted on the entrance with the app installed on the device. In order to ensure device security and prevent unwanted manipulation of the device settings, the team at MyDoorView needed a solution to lockdown the devices to their custom application.

Jeffrey A Santeramo, the CTO and VP at MyDoorView, carried out a thorough research over the internet for a possible solution to their requirements. After comparing multiple software, Jeffrey decided to try out Hexnode. He signed up for the free trial with Hexnode and was greatly impressed with what Hexnode offered. Soon after the trial expired, Jeff was convinced and moved forward with purchasing the licenses.

“We tried a few different types of lockdown software and we decided that Hexnode was the best one for our needs.”

Jeffrey A Santeramo

CTO and VP at MyDoorView

MyDoorView case study
MyDoorView case study with Hexnode

Hexnode’s kiosk lockdown solution became the perfect option for Jeff to lockdown the corporate devices to the custom application. The single app kiosk mode allows the admin to lock the devices to a single application while the multi-app kiosk mode locks the devices with a set of essential applications. With kiosk mode active on the devices, the users are refrained from accessing any other applications or manipulate the device settings. The kiosk mode ensures utmost security for the devices and makes sure they are utilized for the intended purpose.

Jeff also used Hexnode’s remote view functionality to remotely troubleshoot and fix device issues. The remote view feature helped the team to view the device screen in real-time directly from the Hexnode portal and solve any concerns that hinder the normal functioning of the device. This alternative saved much of their travel cost and time as unlike before, now they didn’t have to travel to distant locations to render services.

“The fact that we can lockdown the panels and fix the issues in real-time is a big helps us troubleshoot.”

Jeffrey A Santeramo

CTO and VP at MyDoorView

Hexnode case study on MyDoorView
Hexnode case study MyDoorView

Jeff was greatly pleased with Hexnode’s rich set of functionalities. He received the perfect solution to his requirement at a reasonable price range. Hexnode’s comprehensive pricing tiers helped him choose the right option for his organization. In addition, the timely responses from the Hexnode technical support team helped him implement the solution without spending much of his productive hours. Jeff had an amazing experience with Hexnode and he continues to onboard and manage more devices with the solution.

“The pricing was good and the service is great. When we call you guys, there is always somebody on phone to take our call and help us.”

Jeffrey A Santeramo

CTO and VP at MyDoorView

In a nutshell

Hexnode helped the team at MyDoorView to securely manage their corporate Android devices used in VUE series panel. Locking the devices in kiosk mode helped the team to ensure that the devices aren’t misused. The team could also remotely fix device issues in real-time with the help of Hexnode’s remote view functionality. The simple and user-friendly interface helped Jeff to quickly onboard the devices and navigate through the dashboard. A set of highly useful functionalities at a cost-effective price range became a major highlight that enhanced the purchase decision to a great extent. Jeff surely agrees to recommend Hexnode to his fellow corporates for effective device management.