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The story of SnapStrat

Secure management of confidential data is no longer a matter of concern with Hexnode's Remote Wipe

With Francis Upton IV, CTO at SnapStrat


“I’d definitely refer people who seek remote device management your way. I’m really happy with how it has been.”


Computer Software


Oakland, California


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The story

SnapStrat is a software company based in Oakland that brings power of data science to the C-suite of multiple organizations. The company delivers customized customer-centric SaaS solutions for decision making and safe execution. They incorporate machine learning to ensure continual improvement and the state-of-the-art technology offers fast customization. SnapStrat comes handy during marketing allocations, product investment, pricing strategy and much more.

SnapStrat uses several laptops for software development and offers customized software products to clients. The laptops contain confidential company documents and data which is to be kept securely. Even though there are multiple levels of encryptions, clients wanted a solution which could readily erase all the data from the laptop in the event of theft or misplacement. The clients didn’t want to risk the data falling into the wrong hands by any means and this was a growing concern. Francis Upton IV, the CTO at SnapStrat, decided to look for a solution which could possibly clear data remotely. He checked out several options and finally decided to go ahead with Hexnode.

“The website looked pretty compelling and it was very easy to get started.”

Francis Upton IV

CTO at SnapStrat

SnapStrat case study
Hexnode case study SnapStrat

Hexnode’s remote wipe feature allowed Francis to clear all the data from a stolen or misplaced laptop. All the confidential data could be safeguarded with full assurance from Hexnode. The brilliant product enabled Francis assure his clients of a secure software platform. He was glad that it had a simple UI which was very easy to use. Everything seemed to be perfectly clear, from implementation to the device enrolling phase.

“Your support team is really one of the best I’ve seen.”

Francis Upton IV

CTO at SnapStrat

SnapStrat case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on SnapStrat

Prior to using Hexnode, Francis couldn’t provide assurance to the clients for saving any kind of data leakage. With Hexnode, he could deliver the software to the clients with full safety and clients were much happier. The vibrant support team from Hexnode was always available to help him whenever called upon. Nevertheless, Francis feels more than happy in recommending Hexnode to organizations which struggle with remote device management.

In a nutshell

SnapStrat successfully implemented Hexnode for remotely wiping confidential data off the devices in case of theft or misplacement. Prior to using Hexnode, security was a growing concern. Hexnode turned out to be a useful and feasible solution. It helped achieve complete trust from the clients as the data/documents could all be secured from false hands.