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The story of Trend Communications

Optimising enterprise mobility with the exceptional lockdown solution from Hexnode

With Christopher Hughes, Network Administrator at Trend Communications


“...They are, definitely, 10 out of 10 like easily helpful, easy to get a hold of. Any time I needed anything it was done almost immediately, they're pretty on point...”




Broussard, LA


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The story

Trend Communications, Inc. has been providing on-site accommodations, utilities, kitchenware, and communication services to the oil & gas industry for more than three decades. They are headquartered in Louisiana and offer their services in eight other locations around the United States of America. Their team of experienced workforce helps to ensure quality and dependable services to all their customers throughout the region and across the Gulf coast.

The drivers at Trend Communications, Inc. had company deployed tablets with them at all times to electronically store their log details. The logging process, which was earlier done on paper, was digitized using the digital sign-in logs equipped for the drivers who delivered on-site accommodations and equipment to their clients. Christopher Hughes, the Network Administrator at Trend Communications, Inc., was finding it challenging to ensure that the tablets were used only for work related activities. Hence, he decided to lockdown the tablets to make sure that they were utilised for the intended purpose.

“...We had to get tablets for all of our, we were looking for a way to make it so that they were using the tablets for work and work only...”

Christopher Hughes

Network Administrator at Trend Communications

Trend Communications case study
Hexnode case study Trend Communications

Christopher began his search for a user-friendly MDM solution in the market and came across Hexnode. He quickly realised that Hexnode offered a robust lockdown solution at a reasonable price compared to other MDM solutions in the market. Also, he was able to implement the solution quite easily without any major assistance. The Hexnode support team was, however, quick to respond to all his queries whenever required and never left anything unanswered. The primary reason that made Christopher choose Hexnode was the fact that they had a comprehensive feature-set that satisfied the needs of the company, all within their estimated price range.

“...It was quite easy to set up...easy to learn how to do it, how to install it and setting up the policies was pretty simple...”

Christopher Hughes

Network Administrator at Trend Communications

Trend Communications case study with Hexnode
Hexnode case study on Trend Communications

He found the Hexnode portal to be user friendly. It took minimal effort to manage the devices and make policy changes remotely. Kiosk lockdown mode from Hexnode allowed Christopher to restrict the devices to the native app. This enabled the drivers to access only the functionalities that are permitted by the organization while making all others inaccessible. Christopher could update the policy at any time to add another application or functionality, and it would quickly appear on the device end. He was delighted with the outcome. Apart from locking down the tablets, additional settings could be configured in the kiosk mode to manage and secure the tablets. The overall experience with Hexnode proved to be remarkable. Christopher found the chat support to be efficient with their quick responses whenever in need. Moreover, the support team was incredible in assisting Christopher and the waiting time was almost nil.

“...One of the factors that determined us going with you is actually talking to your staff and just how easy it was to get a hold of someone if we had any issues...”

Christopher Hughes

Network Administrator at Trend Communications

After deploying the devices with Hexnode, he experienced a significant improvement in time and cost management in the organization. The product had a very simple and straightforward user interface that helped Christopher navigate easily. Hexnode proved to be a robust and scalable solution that fulfilled all their mobile device management needs.

In a nutshell

Hexnode proved to be the best choice for Trend Communications, Inc., with its intuitive and seamless user interface along with its extensive lockdown features. The enhanced kiosk mode enabled them to restrict the devices from accessing anything other than work. Christopher would definitely recommend Hexnode to anyone with the same requirements. The reasonable pricing and easy implementation of the product helped save a lot of time and automate the process of digitizing the company.